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Report: Malmö Massacre Festival @ Plan B, Malmö, 31.8.2019

by Bart Tomaszewski

I was counting days left to it since I got to know about this festival on Gruesome. There were two another gigs meantime (D.R.I. and Agnostic Front), so waiting wasn’t huge torture as well. But I still was was excited as hell when woke up on Saturday! By the way, for me festival has began few hours earlier then it really started. The reason was I had to take away from a train station my Metal brother who came from Stockholm. There were some adventures with that, but finally we met each other on Central Station instead of Triangeln, where we planed to do it. Anyways, in time we was waiting bus to my place, we grabbed some beer, of course. Well, Triangeln would be a much nicer place to do it, but what to do…

Unfortunately we missed the first position of festival – documentary entitled “Čurby – The 20th Anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival”. I think I don’t need to explain about who and what is this?!? We just had to eat something and I’m this is as clear as fucking day for me that hero of the movie wouldn’t be happy if knew what it was. When we was done with that, and another beer, we went to  the club. It took us maybe seven and half minute, coz Plan B is located really near my home – I knew what I did when I was taking this apartment, doesn’t it?!? There we met some buddies, talked and stuff.

Finally stage entered the first band this evening. Honestly, I don’t care it was 6.30 pm as announced or a little later when it happened. It was local band called Another Day Gone, by the way. They presented six songs – three of their demo (it calls digital album, but since I’m old-school one, I use old terms) “No Hope For Us” and three, as I think, new ones. Guys call what they play Melodic HC/Punk/Crust and well… Maybe I’m too old, but as for me these words mean a little different thing. But hell with that!!! Especially that music sounds differently live then on spotify or how it calls. The most important is that they didn’t play for empty room or even few people. It doesn’t matter if there were 27 or 56 of them, but they were there and gave a support to the band who in my opinion gave a quite good show. As second, of course after some break, played another Malmö based ensemble. This time it was Järnbörd. There were more songs, but it can be and surely was connected with music’s character. These three guys play Crustgrind what means tracks was in general shorter then in case of A. D. G. Once again we had with mix of a little older and a little newer songs to do. I of course didn’t count or anything, but the crowd under the stage have seemed for a little bigger one then on previous band. It also happened a little more, if you know what I mean.

Then the first Death Metal band this evening entered the stage. It was Crawl. Guys played first of all songs from their debut full-length “Rituals” released last year by Transcending Obscurity Records, but there was also space for two of three ones enclosed on their EP (digital one – I still can’t recognize the difference between a demo and EP in this format, by the way) “Warship Death”. Interaction between the band and public was really great, I have to say. Once Joachim just jumped from the stage and was growled between us. Microphone was, we can say, old school one and it made he couldn’t mosh or something. But we could… Anyways, before I saw this, I felt the cable hitting me in hand. After the show I said to Jörgen:

Well, it’ll be fucking hard for other bands to make a better job when it’s about stage working,

but it seems I didn’t know what’s waiting us. You must know that other guys were also quite crazy on the stage.

In their last song this evening, “Coven of Servants”, participated as a guest Ulf Blomberg (owner of Hobo Rec.). Another break, another beer… Then time for the first legend this evening has come. I saw them several times before and my debut was somewhere on the beginning of XXI century on, nomen omen, Obscene Extreme Fsetival in Trutnov. I always loved Grindcore, especially like that and that’s why was happy to see this band once again! By the way, it seems this is not only me who thought like that, because under the stage once again chaos took place. There were even more tracks then in case of Järnbörd were played – real fucking Grind massacre!!! This gig was definitely dedicated to present us alive songs from the last album “Extreme Graveyard Tornado”, but there was space for some older ones. Interaction was as well as in case of Crawl or even better, by the way. Guy let to participate in gig to randomly chosen from the public guy who gave his vocal in “Victims of Cat”, I guess… Then well known ritual and time for another legend has come! It was based near Malmö Deranged! I saw them several times in space of all these years and knew that they always give good shows. But well, what happened this night surprised even me. Moshing had surely its apogeum during their show!And actually I have no idea how I managed in this explosion of pure brutality to take as many pics as I did I can compare the mosh only to what happened in Poland in ‘90’s. Similarity was also the fact that some girl actively participated in that (what I saw the first time here in Sweden). Well, she was a principal and even ringleader here, as well as Johan who quite often left the stage and was between us. Ass last one played Entrails. They gave us a good show, but… Hell knows why with every moment there were less and less people in the hall. I know it was quite late (they finished to play something like 1.30 am), but it was night from Friday to Saturday for fuck sake, so… That’s why reaction of the crowd wasn’t what I’d expect and they should get. Of course moshing still took place, but in my opinion there was no comparison to what happened on Deranged. Anyways, on few songs they also had a guest. It was their ex-bassist and vocalist Joachim Svensson who’s known as Panda Flamenco in Birdflesh where, a. o, he plays.

Organizers promoted this festival (hopefully there’ll be more editions of it in the future!) with slogan “Nobody will survive this, nobody!” But as you can see I did it and am here! It was maybe not so easy, especially on the gig of Deranged, but this is not so easy to destroy me as well and that’s why I’m still here….  

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