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Report: Lvmen & SBLXN @ Močvara, Zagreb, 19.9.2019


The concert season is active in Močvara once again and many exciting gigs are to follow. We had a very strong start with Mgła’s completely sold out concert, and now there’s more to come. One of those concerts is Lvmen with local support from SBLXN. From the sound of those bands it can be easily concluded that we were up for a smashing post-metal gig.

Around 9 pm SBLXN took the stage. Their music relies on a lot of slow to mid-paced riffs, very characteristic for post-metal. There is also a decent amount of sludge in their delivery as well, very similar to post-metal giants like Isis and Neurosis. They sounded very good live, although nothing too
remarkable. The audience was mostly static in line with the music the band filled the room with. It was a pretty solid opener, but everyone knows the reason why we all gathered in Močvara today.



And that reason was Lvmen, of course. After a short break, they took the stage and they started demonstrating what makes their shows a worthwhile experience. They returned to the same place after one year and they managed to put up a show perhaps even better than the last one. The band’s music shifts between slower post-metal passages and a bit faster, more hardcore moments. In line-up which consists of two guitarists, bassist, keyboardist and even two drummers (!), the band managed to build a massive wall of sound, which was resonating through the whole club. It was enough to put the audience into total trance and they seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. The performance was also backed up by a stage wide video screen, which made the show even more interesting. After the band played the last track planned for tonight, the audience was shouting for more, but the band decided that it was enough so the show came to an end. Even after the musical part of the evening was done, the band stayed in Močvara to hang out with their fans and meet the local scene.


It was altogether a great audio-visual experience, definitely worth repeating. It looks like the band has made themselves at home in Croatia, so we can expect that they will visit these parts again very soon. Until then, we shall enjoy the rest of great gigs that this concert season has to offer.

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