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Report: Krypts & Jupiterian @ Močvara, Zagreb, 7.5.2019

by Helen Vučić

Oh boy, it’s Tuesday! You know what that means. Močvara is probably hosting some lads they’ve imported from somewhere and their many guitars. And who am I to miss a regular metal dinner in Močvara?

This time, Abyssal Booking set us up on an almost-blind-date with Finland’s verified masters of the grim, Krypts, and Jupiterian, a refreshing addition to the Doom genre all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The unreliable May weather was kind to us, we could enjoy a warm, rainless evening with two amazing bands and as much beer as we could afford.


So let’s get right into it. Jupiterian is quite praised by the media, both of their albums so far were considered among the best Doom albums of their generation. To be quite honest, their studio versions didn’t particularly stand out to me and I was far more excited to see Krypts and their well-rehearsed synchronicity. These guys have been playing together for eleven years and that’s exactly what I wanted to see. Four men as a single machine, spitting out those bars and riffs as they’ve done a thousand times before.

I can tell you right away, both bands were an absolute hit. Different, yet fitting in the same basket so well. Jupiterian turned out to have a pretty powerful energy of their own.


The show started more or less on time and we had something to see. Four black wraiths took the stage, their faces covered and foreheads adorned with intricate white symbols. The costumes reminded just a tiny bit of the infamous burqas worn by Muslim women in less democratic countries. The main microphone stand was ornamented with an ominous sculpture depicting an eye. Their guitars, as black as them, would sometimes blend in with the outfits so you could only see the wires. Extra smoke machines were probably rented for this ambiance. Keeping the mysterious vibe required no communication with the audience whatsoever, but the audience communicated back anyways. Seems like I wasn’t the only one pleasantly surprised by their performance. They are truly something else live. It’s hard to describe what an energy spread through the room and into everyone’s hearts when the concrete hammer that is Jupiterian hit us on the head. When they finished playing the complex setlist comprised of Song One (18:46) and Song Two (22:53), the time already ran out. With a single silent fist raise, they said goodbye to around fifty people who attentively watched them, nodding their heads in approval, then erupted into a grand applause, complete with screaming, chanting and actually thanking the band for their performance. We all understood that those mystical, dark figures won’t speak to us, so you could hear “Thank you guys, you were amazing!” screamed to them instead. If this isn’t the most wholesome Močvara moment this entire month, I don’t know what will be.


A little after ten, a voice with a strong Finnish accent could be heard bringing the sound check to an end. It was finally time. The crowd nearing a hundred people was in an exceptionally good mood. Moving around, getting drinks, murmuring and clamoring, checking out the rather minimalist merch stand, getting more drinks, the atmosphere was just regal for an underground gig.

My favorite thing about Krypts is that they’re the golden ratio between Death and Doom. I don’t think any other Death/Doom bands do it so well. Not too much Death, not too much Doom. Just right. Imagine if sandpapering your brain felt nice. That’s it.


How many people were there before the first song even started? Everyone. The rest of the club was already a ghost town when movement was detected on stage. Four handsome guys came out and started to play in perfect harmony. Slow, but not too slow, and guttural just the right amount. Almost melodic at times, only to be cut again by the low, low end. A real meat grinder. No, no, “meat grinder” doesn’t do them justice. Krypts is a Fleischmaschine.

The communication with the audience wouldn’t be the same without the Finnish accent I enjoy so much. Nobody in Europe sound like Finns. They’re generally pretty special and unique people, that’s undeniable, and they do things differently, in a good way.

It’s safe to say Krypts delivered an absolutely stellar performance, along with Jupiterian who definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. Is it just me, or does the support band really always try harder? 🙂

I’ll see you again soon when they drag another obscure band to Croatia. For their promotion and our entertainment! 


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