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Report: Hesperian Death Horse @ AKC Attack, Zagreb, 24.5.2019

by Frane Odak
Hesperian Death Horse

It is a Friday evening and a relatively busy one too. There was so much to see in one day, you had Black Tusk and Killed a Fox in Močvara, Pantera tribute in Vintage Industrial Bar and many other more or less interesting things to see and do on one Friday evening.  However, me and a selected few decided to go for Hesperian Death Horse’s vinyl promotion in AKC Attack.

First off, the evening was filled with delays, so Hesperian Death Horse climbed on stage around 00:30, not at midnight like they were supposed to. But nevertheless the gig started and the band kicked off with things from the latest album, which they are promoting on this occasion. The attendance for this event was pretty modest to say the least. There were around 50 people present at the gig, who were clearly enjoying the gig. There were even some random ovations from the audience from time to time. Hesperian Death Horse is not a band of much communication, so they delivered what they know the best and that is a very dark and at times nauseating sludge/post-metal. Judging by my past experiences with this band, they haven’t deviated from the norm that much and they delivered exactly what the audience could expect from them and that is a very good performance filled with dark atmosphere, which will undoubtedly appeal to their fans. Despite a very good effort on the band’s part, the sound didn’t do them much of a favour. It was way too loud and since the band uses a quieter type of vocals, the vocals were almost inaudible at times. Despite the issues with the sound the band managed to deliver a very solid performance, which should leave everyone who attended satisfied.

Judging by the attendance, it is pretty clear that Hesperian Death Horse is not a band for everyone. But the selected few that attended undoubtedly had a good time and got exactly what they could expect from Hesperian Death Horse. It all made for a solid Friday evening.

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