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Report: Gruesome, Gravestone & Grand Harvest @ Plan B, Malmö, 21.7.2019

by Bart Tomaszewski

Honestly, it was my first show since long time. Well, life is brutal sometimes and it just somehow had another plans connected with me, Besides, fortunately, there were nothing super interesting here in Malmö. Yeah, there were in Copenhagen, but… Anyways, the club is very near to my place (maybe 8 minutes of walk) and that’s why I could go there just like that – you know, without any, nomen est omen, plan, without checking out buses and shits like that. Well, this is quite hard to find the club, but I finally did it! And here the first, and the only sad, surprise for me. Organizers changed the time of show’s beginning. But it was also my fault, coz didn’t contact them earlier: it seems I was the only person who got such experience. Everyone who knows me will not be surprise of that, even contrary… Haahahahaha…

As first one came on the stage local local band Grand Harvest. I can’t remember if I saw them before, but am almost sure I didn’t, especially that this is a quite young band born in 2017, as far as I know. However, these five guys from Malmö presented their music they call with a little complicated term: dark and misanthropic death metal celebrating mankind’s pending doom! Right, it describes even well what all who entered Plan B this evening could hear. There were some moments when they reminded me in some way Swedish legend of such playing. I mean, PAN-THY-MONIUM. But it was just a moments, these ones which was quite near to Doom Metal. It wasn’t so twisted, but somehow… By the way, guys gave good show opened by very fine, climatic intro. Then came six songs full of specific darkness, in my opinion. You could of course complain for too poor stage working, but… Hey!!! In music like that it’d be at least a little weird if they was as dynamic as another bands who played this evening. This music, even if we can easily call it Death Metal as well, has other character then this presented by Gravestone or Gruesome. To sum up, it was good show with interesting music and they surely won attention of fans – at least mine for sure.

1. Intro (In MemoriamMagnusInvictus)
2. Fatehammer
3. The Ecstasy of Tyrany
4. Solk Maledictor
5. The Harrow
6. At the Vultures
7. Descend

Then came some break to grab some beer and talk to some peeps I met there. I have no idea how long was that – actually the both ones, before Gravestone and then Gruesome. The reason is that I had much better things to do then looking at my mobile to check it out and count minutes. But it wasn’t too long, and too short, too. There was enough time to grab a beer in peace. Anyways, after these ten, fifteen or so minutes Gravestone entered the stage. Well, it seems I have luck to see live Swedish bands who like to have word “grave” in their names… Hahahahaha…  However, guys played all songs from their first and the only full-length released last year. They present another face of Death Metal then Grand Harvest does. Residents of Växjö present something more brutal (at least in this meaning which comes on the mind automatically) and we can describe it just as Old School Death Metal. That’s why under the stage some chaos has began. Stage working was also on a good level. This is enough to listen to even one song to know who’s their idols, by the way! Especially vocalist sounds familiar… Eheheheh… 

1.  Tombthrasher
2.  Fucking Your Corpse in Hell
3.  Morderous Intensions
4.  Behead the Bastard
5.  In the Valley of Coffins
6.  Rotten Kill
7.  Necromaniac
8.  Unholu Mess
9.   Rest in Piss
10. By the Knife

Another break using for the same stuff like the first one and one of organizers told to microphone word: “Gruesome“. Surprisingly fast whole yard was empty and the club full, even if anyone was running or something like that and there were quite a lot of people on the gig, what was very nice surprise for me, by the way. I had a little problems to come to the first line, but finally I did it. Well, it took not so long time actually and I already was where I should be in more or less middle of the first track. We all know what band guys love and play like, so I don’t write a word about it – at least I’ll try. Well, maybe except one exception. I can’t agree with what Matt said in the interview for Metal Jacket Magazine that they’re tribute band. They create own music, even if this is very highly inspired by some band and guys wanna sound exactly like them, and already released two albums and some other shit, where covers are in very huge minority, the same, as far as I know, is during the gigs. In Malmö there was only “Born Dead” on the end. Another twelve songs was taken from both full-lengths as well as “Dimensions of Horror” EP. Guys gave very good show, Matt had a great interaction with the crowd, too. But well, let’s be honest – there play very experienced musicians in Gruesome and it seems. I’ll don’t list the bands in who they’re also members. Tell you only that EVERY Metal, especially Death Metal, fan know them extremely well! Anyways, as I said, show was just great and under the stage there was real pandemonium from time to time- even if we were only few ones in the mosh pit. Well, mixture of Colombian, Polish and so on blood is, it seems, explosive combination! 

1.  Inhumane
2.  A Waste of Life
3.  Forces of Death
4.  Trapped in Hell
5.  Twisted Prayers
6.  Dimensions of Horror
7.  Seven Doors
8.  Crusade of Brutality
9.  Closed Casket
10. Fatal Illusions
11. Savage Land
12. Gruesome
13. Born Dead (Death cover)

On the end I wanna say that actually I was a little surprised of number of fans who entered the gig. And it was very nice surprise! I also like the club which, as we use to say in Poland, has the climate. Thanks to this, it was real Metal gig with underground atmosphere. What absolutely doesn’t mean that there were some problems with sound. Contrary!!! It was exactly like it should be on Death Metal show. And the best news for me is that in near future there’ll more Metal shows in the place (also of some real living legends)! 


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