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Report: Gorgosaur & Taphos @ Plan B, Malmö, 8.8.2020

by Bart Tomaszewski


Since I got to know that it’ll not be canceled I was so excited like it was Lemmy who rise up from the grave to come and play in Malmö or Slayer’s the only show in Europe, not two underground bands I, unfortunately didn’t hear about! Actually I was totally sure gig will be when I went in to the club. Everything started for me a little before one am when went to take away my Metal brother from train station. Then everything was like it always used to be – grabbing some beer, listening to the music, eating lunch, more beers and finally time to go to Plan B has come. There all looked as always, but not whole the time. I mean, when we entered the club some surprise waited for us. What surprise?!? Well, we had to seat and watch gig like in some fuckin’ cinema. It was extremely strange experience, believe me! No mosh or at least headbanging…

As first stage entered Malmö’s trio Gorgosaur. They played mostly songs from their debut and the only full-length “Lurking Among Corpses”, but not only. Show was good, but as for me incomplete. You know, it was more like watching some video alive then be on the gig. For me mosh and headbanging are integral part of the concert, so… But as we use to say in Poland: “if you don’t have what you like, you like what you have”. Anyways, in my, and as far as I know, I’m not the only one who thinks like that, opinion they should play as a headliner. Reason isn’t coz they’re coming from the city I live in, with some break, since almost eleven years, but they just was better then Taphos.

Copenhagen’s residents was second and the last ensemble this evening. I didn’t get any track list, so I only suppose they played songs taken first of all from debut album “Come Ethereal Somberness”. Well, it of course wasn’t bad show – even contrary, but I still think Gorgosaur’s one was better. By the way, as I already wrote before, it was strange gig and I just hope as soon as possible normal ones will come back. This is something unnatural to seat on Metal gigs like it was some opera. But better that then anything. Even if it was strange, I could feel this special atmosphere, even if in quite vestigial form. But we all were so hungry to see some bands alive that I guess it wasn’t very huge problem for the most of us. Yeah, I’m sure all were pissed off, at  least a little, coz of we had to seat, but…

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