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Report: Gorgasm, Cenotaph & Abnormality @ AKC Attack, Zagreb, 8.7.2019


It was a Monday night and another evening in AKC Attack. While Sunday was in a thrash metal tone, Monday was in death metal tone. This time we had an opportunity to see three brutal death metal acts Gorgasm, Cenotaph and Abnormality. It was also a closing of concert season in AKC Attack, so it was expected that many people will show up like they did the day before. And it was the case since many people came to support the bands despite the rainy weather outside.

The night started with Abnormality, a brutal death metal act from the USA. What they presented in about half an hour they had could be described as an energetic brutal dose of death metal. They had the whole package brutal vocals, mid-tempo death metal riffs and fast paced drums. The band had some small technical issues during the show, but nothing that could harm the overall show, since those issues were quickly resolved. The band’s vocalist Mallika was very communicative throughout the show and during one occasion mentioned that Gorgasm’s bassist Anton was stuck at Slovenian border, so Gorgasm will be playing without their bassist. Overall, Abnormality made a great intro for the rest of the evening.


Next up were Turkish brutal death metalers Cenotaph. What they offered was a solid dosage of slam/brutal death metal. They were a bit less communicative than Abnormality, but the guys know their profession very well and it really shows. What we were in for was a very brutal and energetic performance. They were founded the same year as the main headliner Gorgasm was, so the band has a lot of years of experience behind them. They have an unquestionable live quality and they perfectly showcased all the strengths they have as a live act. It was a very good brutal death performance that shouldn’t leave any fan of the genre disappointed. Judging by the crowd’s reactions the band was accepted very well. During one of the band’s interactions with the audience the vocalist Batu mentioned that they played in Zagreb two years ago and it seems that they like it here, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they decide to visit Zagreb in nearer future.


After that it was a time for the main band of the evening, American brutal death metal machinery called Gorgasm. As I mentioned before, their bassist was stuck at the border, so the band had to perform without a bassist. It really didn’t harm their performance in any way, since the guitar duo Damien and Sasha and drummer Matt were well up to the task. Damien’s guttural vocals fit very well for the genre’s requirements and he also has great interaction with the audience, who seemed to be pretty engaged in the band’s performance. Their songs are pretty much what brutal death metal is about, shifting between faster and mid-tempo riffs and ferocious drumming backed up with brutal guttural vocals. It was a great brutal death metal performance in which the band has shown the reason why they are the band of the evening. After their bassist was stuck at the border the band had every reason to cancel their performance, but they were so determined to play in Croatia that they decided to perform anyway, which is something I found really praiseworthy. It was great to see them and I hope that there will be another opportunity very soon.


It was a great evening of death metal in which all three bands had a chance to shine. Decent amount of people decided to show up to support all the bands despite the lousy weather conditions outside, which shows that there are still people out there willing to support the metal scene. It was an excellent closing of the concert season in AKC Attack, which offered some excellent gigs during this season, so we can expect more great events in that place during the Autumn season. Also a big shout-out goes to Abyssal Booking for bringing less known metal bands to our beautiful city and continuously doing a great job at it. See you in AKC Attack during the Autumn season.

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