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Report: Gonoreas & Hellvetica @ Randevu/Danđn Bar, Osijek, 16.5.2018

by Mislav Mihaljević

Wednesday is not, in any manner, a predictable day of the week. It’s kinda shifty and you really don’t know what to expect. You’re halfway through to the weekend, but it’s still so far away. That means your tolerance limit is balancing somewhere around 50% because Monday and Tuesday already took their part of the cake, leaving you semi-hungry, eagerly awaiting Friday afternoon.  Guided by the described mood, I fell asleep, and almost missed yesterday’s mid-week gig in Randevu/Danđn bar (Rendezvous/Dungeon bar), but luckily, my metal detector was accurate to kick me out of bed, so I was there right on time. The bar was filled with a respectable number of local metalheads (keep in mind that, again, it’s Wednesday, and we are talking about Osijek here), and after a short quest of finding a free chair, I sat down with my squad and join the ritual of thirst quenching. Since the non-musical part of the event was a warm-up for Dark Circle Fest, which will take place on the 24th and 25th of August in Rijeka, we had a chance to listen to the bands that will play there as a part of this year’s line-up.

The musical part of the evening was, however, a bit delayed, but that did not ruin the idea of getting a mid-week neck pain. Shortly after 10.p.m., the rumble from “The Dungeon” finally started, so it was time for a very well trained and very well-known maneuver of moving our bodies and bottles to the basement. When we came down, Hellvetica was already throwing their contagious riffs and beats upon the small but bloodthirsty audience. Their sound consists of Hardcore, Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Punk influences, so listening to them was like waiting for a ticking bomb to explode, but with no timer displayed. We truly did not know what will hit us next. Obvious and very highlighted part of their performance was the energy that was cast upon us, mainly controlled by their singer who was with joy leading that interesting five-piece orchestra from Switzerland.

At the same time, you can notice that Hellvetica has two sides that perfectly collide into a deadly mix of moshing music. One is the heavy, headbanging side, and the other one is focusing on the humor as their main weapon of bonding with the audience. It truly works since we banged our heads like crazy and had a few decent laughs between the songs. The peak of their performance occurred nearly at the end of the set when Hellvetica asked us to summon a crowd surfing, and we did. It was a truly special occasion since it was the first crowd surfing ever since this place opened it’s door to let Metal inside. That certainly made this gig one of the most special ones on their “Moshing The Balkans Tour 2018.”

Hellvetica – setlist:

Deadly Eyes
Forever Revolver
Wake Up + Wall Of Rise
Ranging Wars
Face The Facts

As a part of the usual routine, we went upstairs to catch some air and to rejuvenate ourselves for the next act. After a small chitchat, we were aware that it is time to go back to “The Dungeon”, so we kissed our chairs goodbye, and went down the stairs for another dose.

There stood Gonoreas, a mighty four-piece Swiss Heavy Metal demon baring one of the sickest names around. It was their second time visiting Osijek. Their first visit was placed in Club Exit two years ago while they were promoting their fifth full-length album “Destructive Ways.” They kicked major ass the first time they were here, so nothing less was to be expected at their second Osijek gig. With the driving force of a strong rhythm section, the blistering guitar play and the singer’s high vocal range, they were melting the place so hard that a big cooling fan was needed to maintain the temperature within the normal limits. Actually, that cooling fan is like their fifth band member or maybe a mascot. It remains a mystery, but no doubt that we will surely see that spinning fellow on their future shows as well.

Since he had the possibility to do so, the singer was marching through the audience and directly transferring the energy to us, and we were sending it back, so it was all like some sort of a Heavy Metal tennis match. Constant shots of adrenaline served and received between Gonoreas and the small, but steady crowd. We were pleased to hear their newest material from their sixth full-length release simply, but strongly named “Minotaur”, which saw the light of the day earlier this year. With constant cheering and chanting, we slowly moved towards the encore. The last song was traditionally “Bang Your Head”, a number composed in a Manowar manner, stating clearly “If you like the show, bang your head, if you like the sound, bang your head.” We liked the show, we liked the sound, and we banged our heads. What more is there to say?

Gonoreas – setlist:

Seeds Of A New Future
Destructive Ways
When Nobody Asked
The Mask Of Shame
Kiss The Sword
Bang Your Head

To conclude this litany – Festcamper once again did a great job as an organizer, and, trust me, that’s really a hard thing to do in this apocalyptic city. Gonoreas, Hellvetica, keep yourselves on the road, and come back to Osijek as soon as possible!

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