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Report: Flogging Molly & BKD @ Tvornica kulture, Zagreb, 1.7.2019

by Lukrecija Mesek
Flogging Molly

I haven’t been at Tvornica kulture for a long time, but Flogging Molly gave me opportunity to check it out again. I don’t know if that’s new, or I have forgotten how Tvornica looks from the inside, beautiful glass arches over the entrance to the main stage created illusion as if we were in one of those Irish pubs. Not part of the concert, but it created nice surrounding for this evening.

I arrived just on time to catch supporting band BKD from Varaždin on stage. They were loud and fast, and the connection with crowd was amazing. No wonder that Dave King asked for appropriate applause for BKD.

As time is passing, and the stars of the night will soon jump on stage, it’s getting a bit crowded at venue. Everyone is cheerful like little kids. Drinking beer, chilling, and waiting for Flogging Molly to show up on stage, you could feel good vibrations all around.

Flogging Molly

A bit after 21:30, Flogging Molly is coming to the stage and starts off the concert powerful and cheerful, and as you can predicted the rest of the concert went in pretty much same tone.

With each song they made the whole venue move. Everybody is dancing, jumping and moshing like crazy.

This was so beautiful. They manage to transform big venue into small pub and gave us the best time. You will remember this night by “Drunken Lullabies”, “Devils Dance Floor”, “Seven Deadly Sins”, “What’s Left of the Flag“, also by “Float” and mix of “Think” (Aretha Franklin), “We Will Rock You” (Queen) and song “Hush” (Deep Purple).

I was really impressed with Dave King. He was so hyper on stage, had great connection with crowd and really positive attitude.

Venue was totally crowded, but that, sadly, meant that there was no air. We were gasping for air. I don’t know how they redecorated the whole venue, but forgot to install better ventilation. Thankfully, one nice lady was helping us get some air with her little fan.

At some point, cups with beer started to fly all over the crowd. And I didn’t expect the refreshment of that kind. But hey, better anything than nothing! Soaking wet from flying beer and whit my voice broken I went home happy and cheerful. I would do this all over again anytime.

Flogging Molly


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