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Report: Evergrey, Bloodred Hourglass, Genus Ordinis Dei & Crossing Eternity @ Močvara, Zagreb, 22.4.2019

by Metal Jacket

Easter Monday, on the 22nd of April, will be remembered by a Croatian small but peerless metal comunity. It was a day when Swedish progressive metal legends Evergrey paid a visit to us, after a whole 12 years of absence.

With them on tour the band brought a total of three premium bands. The first who got out on stage was Crossing Eternity. The Romanian-Swedish quartet, presented itself to Zagreb audience with their (for now) only album “The Rising World”, dated from 2018. Even though we are dealing here with a newer band, the heavy metal group fronted by Berti Barbera showed enviable level of skill and with their performance introduced us to the night of a real metal feast.

Crossing Enternity

The next band which took the stage was Genus Ordinis Dei, a.k.a. GOD. The Italians kicked some asses and heated up the atmosphere in the club with their energetic show. The band, although formed by quite young members, already has two full-lenght albums behind them, and the first ones dates back from 2013. So, it’s safe to say we are dealing with an experienced musicians who showed their skills in front of the audience which proved itself to be a loyal fan of the band. The highlight of their show was the cover of a Manowar’s hit Hail and Kill which definitely brought the people of the club Močvara together, and got some new fans to the band.

Genus Ordinis Dei

As the crowd kept getting bigger, the night was slowly moving closer to it’s climax. After a short pause, in front of the audience stomps a Finnish Bloodred Hourglass. A band that started of its career back in 2005, showed itself worthy of playing before the great Evergrey. The band’s music can be classified as melodic death metal with thrash elements. To a Zagreb audience, the band presented their last album Heal from 2017. The show was done in a highly professional manner, and it didn’t leave anyone in the crowd indifferent. Fronted by the vocalist Jarkko Koukonen, the quintet slightly esembless the sound of Lamb of God, but it still has a lot of originallity in its songs.

Bloodred Hourglass

After the Bloodred Hourglass’ show the crowding of a concert space begun. There was not a single person to be found out on the terrace, and the concert hall started to feel like a can full of sardines. Short as I am, I could barely find a space from which I could see the show. But even with this small problem of mine, last night’s concert was a show I will remember for a long time. The band certainly made up for these long years of not playing in Croatia.

Evergrey started their show very theatrically, with the song A Silent Arc. Vocalist Tom Englund started off calmly and relaxed, just like it was expected from someone with his level of expertise, and he remained this way throughout the entire performance.


During the show Evergrey was lining up hits from their last three albums: Hymns For the Broken, The Storm Within and The Atlantic. The whole show was passing in the spirit of a true metal togetherness. Just like the audience didn’t hide its excitement, the band reacted with its fondness of the Croatian crowd. After one encore, the concert ends with Englund’s promise that there will be a lot less time before Evergrey comes back to our teritory.

Yesterday’s concert beat all of my expections and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this impression. It was a concert I would surely like to attend again, and hopefully I will maybe even on the band’s next tour. Evergrey presented a whole lot of a great musicians yesterday, and all of them earned many new fans. The band did a show all of us who attended will remember for quite some time. My personal rating of the yesterday event is a straight-A!

Melanija Cupek

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