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REPORT: E.N.D. @ MOČVARA, ZAGREB 18.09.2021.

by Lukrecija Mesek

Be careful what you wish for, it just may come true.  I can’t use better phrase to describe last night.  So thank you very much, E.N.D. and Močvara. 

One more great metal night. One more awesome band. Like the day before, tickets were SOLD OUT! But I shouldn’t be so surprised when we are talking about E.N.D.

On friday I said that it’s weird that there is no music in between bands, well, this time we were greeted with it from the moment we stepped in to Močvara.

I did say that I didn’t mind to wait for a band, just as long I see them play live, but come on, hour and half. I must admit I got bored. But I also must applaud E.N.D. for creativity. Since they forgot they banner for the show, they decided to make one on the spot.

We were anxious for the concert to start, and finally E.N.D. is taking the stage.

At this point I’m okay with all the waiting because it’s worth it. Last time that I saw E.N.D. live was couple years back in Rijeka on Dark Circle fest. That year the fest was followed by crazy thunder storm. Right when E.N.D. were suppose to take the stage, wind blows away banner and brings sh**load of water onto the stage. It took them about 30min just to set every thing back, by the time they started with set, they were left with only 30 min or so, which was half the time they were booked for. Lucky for them Decomposing Entity just canceled, so they were able to extend their show. I guess evil never dies.

So, I finally saw them under some better circumstances and it was thrill to celebrate their 25th anniversary . The guys gave us one hell of a show and showed all our metal bands how it’s done. Finally I saw people moshing, headbanging and moving. It felt more like the good old days.

We were able to forget all bullshit around us and just enjoy the music.

Finally, E.N.D. just couldn’t leave us without proper goodbye, so they come back for second bow and blew us away.

This time family atmosphere was perfect. Everybody jumping, talking, taking pictures, talking with the band. I think I can’t ask for better night out. Can I?

Rock on guys, hope to see you asap when restrictions are lifted and we can party like back in the day!

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