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Report: Dopethrone & Negative Slug @ Močvara, Zagreb, 4.11.2019

by Helen Vučić

Yesterday was a bunch of fun! November has just started, one of the more depressing months of the year, but we had something to look forward to – a double stoner whammy by Klub Močvara, Dopethrone on Monday and Conan on Tuesday! As stoked as I am for Conan, I’m DEFINITELY still not over yesterday’s grand (shit)show. The tea is scalding and I’m spilling it.

All was well on the night of 4th of November. Dopethrone was in Zagreb, I was in Močvara and Mercury was in retrograde. We were positively warmed up for an evening of riffs and shrieks. The first and only support band was scheduled for 9pm, the show started on time and the room quickly filled when talent was demonstrated. I was looking forward to seeing Negative Slug as I always am, they’re one of the more interesting and professional-sounding Zagreb bands. This Sludge/Doom/noise outfit was formed in 2015 and has since treated us to numerous releases and gigs. Their music can be described as a healthy mix of fast and slow, symmetric and nonsensical, resolute and resigned. A thoroughly enjoyable performance, except, like Neurosis, I’ve had enough of it at about 65%. When your genre is as specific as this, it might be a good idea to modify your songs for live performances and format them just a little bit more compact. Dopethrone were there too, seriously digging it, probably thinking “Wow, can we do an entire tour with these guys?”. Deserved!

Negative Slug

Before Dopethrone’s gig began, expectations were high, as were we. Over a hundred and fifty people were present on this foggy evening, quite an increase since Dopethrone’s last visit. A lot of those people were still huddled around the very affordable merch stand, waiting for the merch guy to show up. How can you recognize that a band is female-fronted without even seeing them? A wide selection of cuts for female shirts. Aw yiss! Not walking away with a male shirt in size small, not this time! Men could choose between several sexy prints on either an a T-shirt or a hoodie, but women had a surplus of shapes and colors -> T-shirts, tank tops and even a crop top! Finally, for once I don’t have to buy a children’s shirt and cut it up! 😀


When rumbling and guttural noises could be heard coming from the main hall, it was time to head inside. The wraiths were waiting and beckoning us closer. What followed were probably the best thirty five minutes spent in Močvara so far this season. I was happily breaking my own neck to the cacophony of grating guitar churns and mind-twisting bass, when a confusing interruption occurred.

– ”Hey! I saw that guy doing the Sieg Heil, he’s a fucking Nazi, get out!” – Guitarist Vincent Houde pointed at a member of the audience, a known, local Močvara-goer. A predicament ensued and the man was quickly surrounded by security. He protested that, in fact, he was just jamming.

– ”I don’t think he’s a Nazi, a real Nazi would’ve admitted it, said ‘fuck you’ and walked out.” – The man was then given the mic by the level-headed Julie who was trying to de-escalate the situation.

– ”I love your music, I bought your records, I’m not a fucking Nazi, I’m so sorry, what the fuck?!”


Ouch. The band apologized and the concert went on. Some of the people who left the club at that moment returned, some didn’t. The awkwardness lingered in the air for a few more minutes. I remember being swallowed in second-hand embarrassment, quietly exiting, then returning after several minutes of sitting outside and discussing with my fellow Močvarians, do we really live in a society? Halloween was a few days ago, which means some have just taken their ‘racist Trudeau’ costumes off and are still in the mood to meme on Canada, don’t give them wind! I have observed the rest of the performance in a neutral mood, then headed to scout the aftermath of the unfortunate situation. The conclusion was a lot more positive – the unlucky jammer got a free shirt and a personal, heartfelt apology, which he seemed more than satisfied with. If he’s happy, I’m happy!


Thank you, Julie! <3

Well, Conan will have to accuse someone of being a reptilian to make tonight worthwhile. I’ll see you tonight, don’t forget to say hi! As far as Dopethrone goes, we will forgive and forget this minor indiscretion, after all, they’re very good musicians and Mercury really WAS in retrograde.

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