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Report: Dopelord & Negative Slug @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 28.2.2018

by Kastelan

On Wednesday February 28, 2018 at Vintage Industrial Bar played two bands consisting of the noise, sludge, stoner, doom band Negative Slug from Zagreb and the Polish stoner, doom band Dopelord. Even with the fairly cold weather the number of people that showed up was pretty solid. Pricing of the tickets was very reasonable and the organization of the venue itself with a nice sound and everything being at a top level.Negative Slug

Negative Slug was founded in 2015, even tho they are a pretty new bend in three years they managed to get excellent reactions from the crowd with their unique sound which they get by mixing many genres. The performance itself was great with smooth transitions between songs. With the new songs they brought out you can see a real step forward to a more professional level. Everything sounded like a nicely composed whole. The set lasted for almost an hour in which you could really see all the work and effort that was put into it.


Dopelord is one of the younger bands on the sludge scene. They were founded in 2010 but they bring along a very old school sound. Taking that into consideration and the fact that they take hard riffs and darker lyrics makes them sound amazing. They practically have the recipe to a great sound and they know how to pull it off. In their performance you could see that they enjoy what they are doing also trying to give the crowd the best possible atmosphere; with a lean back and friendly approach.

The whole vibe and experience of the concert was something worth seeing, I think that everyone attending would gladly come back if it were to happen again.

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