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Report: Dopelord @ Elektropionir, Belgrade, 26.2.2018

by Srđan Radovanović

The heavy snow and wind that’s been going strong for the past 48-ish hours (at the time of writing) has certainly been the main conversation topic around these parts. For most people, if they are to walk out of their living room straight into negative temperature dipped well into double digits, they better have a damn good reason for it. Fortunately for the likes of me, a band like Dopelord is reason enough!

Donning myself in the winterest of all my winter gear, I ventured out with motivation. I was though secretly hoping we wouldn’t get stranded along the way. It was announced there wouldn’t be any opening acts, so when I arrived, the show was just about to start. The crowd wasn’t exactly in throngs but it was more than some of the previous similarly themed events in the same venue. We’ll get back to that in a second!

Dopelord are a fairly new bunch in the scene but it didn’t take them long to get their groove on. True to their mantra, they unleashed the greasy riffing from the word go, while savoring some of the local beer, to our delight. What followed was, for most fans of the genre, a usual background snippet of an important sounding person giving the description of the effects that one may experience when trying, you know, “that” thing. That combo, as usual, fits the bill quite nicely.

The set leaned heavily towards the new “Children of the Haze” album that was released last year. However, there was enough room for a classic (yeah I love using that word even though it may not be appropriate for a young band) “Addicted to Black Magick”, and you know what they say: “If it’s with a ‘k’ you know they’re not faffing about!” The dual vocal setup the band has going on (one leaning towards cleaner, other towards harsher) gives an interesting change of pace. The transition from the title song of their latest album to the far more dynamic and aggressive “Reptile Sun” really shook up the place. The band closed out with some of their less recent stuff.

Needless to say, it really felt good to experience another one of those synchronized headbanging things. Also, for me, the effect is amplified when in a small venue, with a small crowd. You see, when you’re surrounded by thousands of people in front of a bigass stage, you can’t really feel like you’re a part of the whole thing. I’m going to assume not many people can agree with this but for the bunch around me, it was a treat. However, there was a slight disappointment in the air as the set was revealed to be clocked at just a tick over an hour. I mean, nobody would say no at least a couple more!

There’s also something special about the venue when combined with this particular genre, when it comes to visual and sound experience. The combination of red and white lights and shading gives off somewhat of a “hazy” effect, while the band’s intentionally low tune ties in with the acoustics of the place, giving you that satisfying heavy raw sound while not being damaging to your ear. That bit tells a lot about Resetor and their approach to providing as full an experience as possible! I sure don’t mind that and I sure don’t mind seeing these guys again!

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