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Report: Die Ärzte @ Močvara, Zagreb, 20.5.2019

by Lukrecija Mesek

After months of waiting, we finally reached the Die Ärtze concert at Močvara, fastest sell out in the history of Močvara. Tickets were sold out in just 90 minutes since they were released. After the concert I could understand why. So let’s begin…

For those who don’t know who they are, Die Ärzte were formed in Berlin in 1982 by Jan Vetter. Since then, the band has released 13 albums and has done thousands of concerts.  In 1987, the German Federal Centre for Media Harmful to Young Persons put the songs “Geschwisterliebe” (“Sibling love”, a song about incest, from the eponymous album Die Ärzte), “Claudia hat ‘nen Schäferhund” (“Claudia has a German shepherd”, about zoophilia, from Debil) and “Schlaflied” (“Lullaby”, about a monster coming and eating you after falling asleep, also from Debil) on the German List of Media Harmful to Young People (often called “the Index”). This prohibited the band from performing the songs live or promoting the two albums and, more importantly, shops were prohibited from openly displaying these records on their shelves. But that didn’t slow down the band.

And last night they showed us that they aren’t slowing down any time soon. When we arrived at the venue, the waiting line for entrance was longer than I ever saw in front of Močvara (except for Halloween party, but I can’t compare concert to a party).

When we finally got in, the venue was really crowded. The concert started on time which was really surprising to me. Usually all of the concerts are late at least half an hour, but not Die Ärtze. Another big surprise for me was excellent sound. My ears weren’t bleeding from tearing sound and I finally enjoyed concert to the fullest.

Turning around looking at the crowd I could see people of all ages, even kids were there with their parents. I didn’t see much people from Croatia, but I have met a lot of people from Germany and Austria. That was the reason why the whole concert was in German. The band even joked around that anyone who doesn’t speak German is very unlucku, cause they will speak and sing in German. But even that didn’t bother anyone in crowd.

From the first note the crowd was on fire. People were dancing, moshing and even crowd surfing. The whole club was on fire. Almost literally. Really quickly, we were struggling for air inside, it got so hot you couldn’t breathe! I think that Močvara should consider better air ventilation for future concerts.

The band showed really good connection with crowd and how much they love performing for their fans. They played for almost 3hrs without any break.

All in all, the concert was really one of the special ones. Everyone that were there will remember it for the rest of their life. Last night I think was the part of history and I’m really happy that I was part of it. I got the chance to remember all of good times I had while listening to their songs when I was a kid and I’m really happy that I got the chance to see them perform live in my hometown.  

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