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Report: Decapitated, HateSphere, Thy Disease, Dehydrated & Grimaze @ Firchie Think Tank Studio, Novi Sad, 11.11.2018

by Ivona Bogner

As far as my memory goes, Decapitated visited Serbia for three times. First time, no one knows why, promotion was not so good, and majority of Decapitated fans find out that the gig was held months later. Next two times, promotion was at higher level, so Polish death metal legends were fulfilling venues. If there was no “incident” we are all familiar with, the band would draw Serbia on tour map for the fourth time at Belgrade Metal Meeting in January 2018 as a Kreator support band. Better late then ever, and here they are again! This time, they hosted metal party in Novi Sad. As a great hosts, they brought us not one, not two, but four support bands! What a feast! Some of those bands we have already had a chance to hear before. Again, this old lady has to recall her memories, so if she remembers well, HateSphere supported Hypocrisy in 2013, and it seems Thy Disease are close Decapiaited’s hearts, cause they already supported band in 2016.

As I had a little problem to find the club, yet unknown to me, somehow I skipped some support bands. I hope you will forgive me, cause, at first, I don’t live in Novi Sad, it was damn dark, I was lost in spooky labyrinth of what used to be some factory, I was scared, not to be eaten by stray dogs, but to be attacked by drifters who have found their homes at some halls of haunted factory. It turned out the best navigation was just to track the sound. And finally, when I was there, three support bands have already finished their shows.

I could paraphrase what have I heard of previous support bands from my colleagues and fans, but my aim, as a serious writer/journalist (whatever) is to be objective, and that is how it’s gonna be.


I was pleasantly surprised by the venue. If you have ever been to Budapest, than, Firchie Think Tank Studio could be described as mix of Barba Negra and ex 202 club. It turned out, I was not the only one who was late. To tell you the truth, Serbian fans have a bad habit: to avoid support bands. It turned out, they did the same this time. So, by the time HateSphere started their show, the venue was half empty (or half full). I have already seen/heard HateSphere before, and I have to admit, the energy of Esben “Esse” Hansen (vocalist) bought me instantly. If you wouldn’t know they are Danes, you might easily sign that Esse is Geremia’s (Tankard) if not son, than some crazy cousin for sure.  The man knows how to warm up the fans, he knows to act and react. His charisma is irresistible. Esse’s appeals to make a wall of death, but with no injured or dead fans, somehow failed, and I was seriously worried for some fans who either did not understand English, either have suicidal thoughts, since they were constantly falling and hitting heads on concrete. To be serious just for the moment, and with the respect of the rest of the band, the hero of this show, for sure was their drummer, Mike Park.

After HateSphere finished their set, Decapitated fans fulfilled the venue, and as soon as the band hit the stage till the end of their show, the only word I can use to describe atmosphere is: madness! Rafał Piotrowski, for friends Rasta, was moving like a ping pong ball over the stage. It is well known that Decapitated is highly professional band, so it is an imperative having not good, but great sound. Technically, they are at high level. They have great team of technicians, sound engineers, they just don’t make mistakes. The accent was on latest album “Anticult” (2017), but of course, no matter how often Decapitated visits Serbia, there are always young fans who have never heard them before, so set list was, let’s say: best of Decapitated!


I don’t have to mention Decapitated members one by one. Their skills are well known worldwide. Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka’s focus was on his strings and nothing more. After the show, he showed us he is made of flesh and blood, just a normal guy who has no problem speaking with fans, some so boring to death. Michał Łysejko… Man is a killer! And, of course, Hubert Więcek, not less important, part of the band since 2016, primarily guitar player, also handles bass and fits decapitated perfectly.

One more thing I would like to mention: lights! So many lights, so many colors, perfection again. Hats off to legendary Poles!

After the show, in informal conversation, Rasta mentioned that Decapitated also had been playing at Exit Festival. So, back to the top of this report, Decapitated invaded Serbia for five times! Five more, and I can retire.

Overall, as HammerFall, who had been playing in Novi Sad only two weeks ago, would say, this concert was: fury of the wild!


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