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Report: Dawn Ray’D & False @ AKC Attack, Zagreb, 17.11.2019


Rainy Sunday, huh? Definitely not the best day to go out. On the contrary, a perfect day to stay at home and listen to music. However, a few friends and I decided to head out to Attack to see what the new hopes of black metal have to offer. In attendance were approximately 50 people, so it was clear this will not be an overcrowded gig. It still seemed a sufficient number to make this event worthwhile.

The first band to take the stage was False. I looked into them a bit  before going to this show and the first thing I noticed was that they’re is signed to Gilead Media, the same label that includes Imperial Triumphant, Inter Arma and Minsk in their roster. I saw all three of those bands live recently and was pleasantly surprised by all of them, so I had very high expectations from False. Expectations they didn’t fail to meet. The moment the show started, it was apparent we were in for some good atmospheric black metal. They used a lot of artificial fog to enhance the experience of the music and it worked very well. The fog was so thick that the keyboardist was barely noticeable until I came closer to the stage. As the show went on, he was more noticeable, at least his playing definitely was since keyboards add a perfect extra layer to their already monolithic sound. Their vocalist also fits well with the music and she seemed very friendly during her interactions with the audience. She even pointed out that they never thought that they would come here all the way from the USA and thanked all of the audience for coming to the show. I’m sure the band enjoyed playing here, while we enjoyed the performance. The only objection I have is that their merchandise was a bit expensive. Since they came here all the way from the US, it is obvious that they needed to cover the expenses of their journey to Europe, so it is nothing that I would take against them. Overall, a great show and hope to see more of them in the future.

After one pleasant surprise, comes one less pleasant surprise and that would be the second band of the evening Dawn Ray’d. Before I start, I would like to confess that I did a bit of research into this band and what I found really wasn’t into my liking. Seriously, their pages look more like antifascist propaganda than like any pages related to a black metal band with quotes like “Destroy NSBM, death to all fascist apologists!” everything looked very unappealing. But enough about that, let’s talk about the band’s performance and their music. The band decorated their stage with three flags, which looks good visually. But when the band started playing I wasn’t really impressed. The band consists of a guitarist, drummer and a vocalist, who occasionally played the violin as well. No bassist, which could work well in some cases, but with them it wasn’t really the case. It was felt throughout their performance that some depth was missing in their music, which the bass could have easily provided. Even when we ignore that fact, the music itself really doesn’t offer very much. It sounds like the most usual black metal out there. It sounded like something we heard times and times before with the violin being the only thing that could bring some point of interest to the band’s performance. But not even that seemed to work. I already had my fair share of metal bands that have some instruments which are not typical for metal music, but I will take the most recent example White Ward. While White Ward’s music did rely on the saxophone, they had compelling song structures that work very well on their own, even without the saxophone. While with Dawn Ray’d if you take out the violin, it sound like the most predictable thing out there with no substance whatsoever. It is cool to add some instruments that are unusual for metal music, but they shouldn’t be the sole interesting factor to attract people to listen to your music. Not even the audience seemed to be getting into this band, as the ovations during their interactions were very few. Don’t even get me started with the vocalists stage movements which mostly consisted of him waving his fists in the air and him showing his teeth to the audience, which is Neckbeard Deathcamp level of laughable. During their interactions, the band was mostly speaking about how times are terrible today and how change has to be made and of course it couldn’t go without mentioning support to anarchists and antifascists. They seem to be all about social injustices, but with singer’s very unconvincing tone and the fact that the band has some very expensive equipment on the stage, it seems that the audience wasn’t really buying it. It is very hard to take this band even a bit seriously. I would call out to YouTube channel Hipster Black Metal and I would say that Dawn Ray’d is everything that this channel is ridiculing. Maybe they should change their name to Dawnbeard Raycamp, it would suit them pretty well. Overall, a very forgettable and mediocre performance.

So this Sunday, we’ve got one performance remember and one performance to forget. Kudos to Manifest Crnila for organizing this event and like they did with Ultha they should definitely bring False to Croatia again. More people deserve to hear this awesome band live.

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