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Report: Dark Tranquillity, Equilibrium, Vinegar Hill & Ghidrah @ Boogaloo, Zagreb, 5.4.2018

by Ivan Slunjski
Dark Tranquillity

It has been almost 5 years since the melodic death metal legends played in front of Croatian audience. Dark Tranquillity once again brought a 90-minute portion of their melodeath craftsmanship. Along with them on the second leg of this European tour were Equilibrium, Vinegar Hill and Ghidrah. Each band represented a unique perspective on metal to the delight of the fans in the venue.Ghidrah

At around 19:30, first band on stage was Ghidrah. They are a young and fierce raw modern metal band with a combination of screaming and emo vocals. Newcomers from Austria did a great 30-minute show although I am not the biggest fan of this genre.

Vinegar HillNext on stage was Vinegar Hill. Formed in 2007, they are representatives of melodic metal. To date, they have released four albums and on this tour, they are presenting their latest album “Ghost Flowers”. At the end of the show they thanked the audience by throwing band t-shirts and copies of their latest album.EquilibriumFrom the foggy stage, Equilibrium emerge and was immediately greeted by an intense applause by the audience. Equilibrium was formed in 2001 and they are one of the biggest names in folk metal subgenre. Besides folk and metal, they use elements of symphony, black metal, and traditional German music. Most of their songs are performed in German but in their latest album “Armageddon” they combine German and English language. In their 1-hour set they warmed-up the crowd. Song “Blut im Auge” was well received and people started to mosh. Singer Robert “Robse” Dahn kept a good contact with the audience and thanked Croatian fans for a warm welcome.

Dark Tranquillity

Right on time at 22:20 Dark Tranquillity entered the stage and fan hype spread across the Boogaloo. They opened with “Encircled”, a song from their new album called “Atoma”. They played 5 songs from the album that was well received. The show continued with my favourite track “Monochromatic Stains”, which is a well-known song from “Damage Done” album. To everyone’s delight, band lashed out with “Forward Momentum”, “The Mundane and the Magic”, and of course “Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)”. Frontman Mikael Stanne, was obviously overjoyed by the reception and thanked all Croatian fans for showing up. Before the last song of the regular set, he introduced the whole band. Now, usually you don’t really mention that particular bit, but it’s important to note that since their previous show in Croatia, there were some lineup changes. Anders Iwers joined as a bassist, and guitarist Christopher Amott and Johan Reinholdz are currently live members of the band. The band was called for an encore and they performed “State of Trust”, “Lost to Apathy” and “Misery Crown”. If there were downsides of the Tranquillity show, I’d have to say that the vocals sounded very unclear in the beginning.

All in all, the promoter did a great job with this concert. And to the Tranquillity boys: “Tack så mycket! Det var en spektakulär konsert!”

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