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Report: Dark Circle Fest @ Hartera, Rijeka, 24-25.8.2018

by Lukrecija Mesek
Dark Circle Fest V

Last weekend, Dark Circle Fest shook Hartera. If some of you didnt’t know about this festival in the city of Rijeka, now is just the proper time to introduce it to you. With name change for the fifth edition of the festival, the Dark Circle Fest is going back to the “roots”. The idea behind the name is to show how metal scene is connected. They’ve brought us a lot of new, amazing stuff that had left us pretty much – speechless. So let’s see how it was…

Dark Circle Fest V

Friday, 24.8.2018

Upon our arrival to Hartera, we’ve first set up our tents in Camp from Hell. I think it was given the wrong name, due to the fact we didn’t suffer at all. Spooky and creepy decorations that were embellishing the whole camp, were still somehow cute and have made this camp one of many cool things you could see throughout the festival site. Still, I would have liked it if the camp was placed at ‘open to sky’ part of Hartera due to beautiful mornings you could experience when camping outside. Luckily, this year, camping inside the hardened walls of Hartera actually saved us from the hellish, raging storm. I guess they did the right choice.

BelphegorAround the 7PM, Dark stage stood ready and Zenoth got the honor to open the festival with the mission to warm up the crowd for what is coming next. They did that and more! As the night progressed, we could see more and more of these awesome bands. Next on the stage came Zvijer – beast of a band – they’ve simply obliterated the crowd with their uncompromising riffing and hateful black metal tunes inspired by dark balkanian folklore. Following Zvijer were Sailing to Nowhere and Sufosia. Both of these bands had a great show, enveloping us in an absolutely great ambient. After Sufosia, the crowd was really sad, as Decomposing Entity show was canceled due to personal problems in the band. Unfortunately, the gap between the bands wasn’t filled in, so we had to wait until midnight to see Belphegor. The crowd was ecstatic. With their blasphemic music, they’ve ruined the name of christianity once more and showed us an awesome dark energy that had escaleted them above some of the previous bands. After Belphegor we’ve stayed to see two more sweet bands: Kymera and M’Burns. After their show, it was time to relax and chill on Glam metal floor.

This year, Dark Circle Fest had opened second stage under the name – Chaos Stage. The stage first greeted the band Left To Starve around 8PM, and bands: Disbaja, Shin, Morbid Creation, Krlja, Dickless Tracy and Iamdisease followed after. It was really refreshing to have one more stage, although the sound wasn’t adjusted well to the room it was in. It was somehow better to stand outside, under the windows of the room while listening to the bands. Frankly, you could hear the music more clearly like that.

Between concerts, we’ve seeked refreshments on the Glam Floor. It had a great playlist from different metal genres, and we could also enjoy the performance of Tricycle Trauma. This year they’ve decided to put up the Jamm room so the visitors could show off their musical skills. Also there were Dark Shops in case you were interested in checking out or buying some cool dark jewelry and decorations from Aždaja and Lumas.

Dark Circle Fest V

Saturday, 25.8.2018

Sadly, mother nature had brought us some heavy rains in the morning, while somehow preparing us for what was coming later on that night. Due to the rain, the beach party was canceled and the Glam Floor was relocated from the deck of Hartera to the hall next to the Dark Stage.

With darkness of the night approaching, tunes from Core of Creation band had opened up the second day. Hellhole opened over city of Rijeka and finally punished our blasphemy with raging storm throught the night. There was so much lightning at times, that it looked like it’s daylight outside. But still, this fearsome storm couldn’t stop these unholy forces of evil.

After Core of Creation, we’ve greeted Omnivore, Theories Divide and Defiant (whose unearthly sexy vocalist enspelled most of the ladies around). By the time powerful E.N.D. came up on stage, the storm reached its peak, so the problems with moisture combined with the need to fix the stage had stopped the show and delayed it for awhile.

The CrownSoon everything was fixed, and E.N.D. got back on the stage to finish their set with the huge support from the crowd.

Next, we’ve greeted the greatest name of the festival; swedish death metal The Crown. Up to this point, it was a fine festival with cool stuff to see, but I couldn’t even imagine what was coming.

Personally, I’ve heard The Crown for the first time ever, and when they’ve started with their with first song, I was completely amazed. Being in the center, between crowd and the band, I could feel this brutal, fucking war machine marching, and with it the enormous amount of good energy and vibrations that were shed by both band and the crowd. My body was covered in goosebumps, and I can honestly admit that this was an epic ending to this year. After The Crown we’ve started to say goodbye to this concert with two more bands: awesome Wolves Within and somehow classic ThroaTTwister; with them the evening was complete.

Second day at Chaos stage started off with Mamut. Following Mamut, we’ve greeted: Echo, Reverse Gangbang, Negative Slug, Omega Sun, Lord Drunkalot and Emphasis. These bands performed decent and as expected.

After the concert was over, the party continued until morning on the Glam Floor, but we were also suprised to hear some deep trance/minimal afterparty on the Chaos Stage, so we’ve danced our asses off.

Overall, in this year, the Dark Circle Fest had showed us all how it’s done! Nothing will stop metalheads from having their fun. As we’ve talked to security, we’ve heard that there were absolutely no incidents and no problems with visitors at all, beside the loud music. It was very chill and smooth festival. Also, we have to applaud them for allowing trusty pets on the festival site, I really can’t recall if there are more festivals that did this. Bands did everything they’ve could to give us all the best experience. Everything was carefully thought of and everyone who’ve missed it this year – had missed something great. We have made a short, little list of improvements that they could do in years to come, to make it even better. Altogether, I think that we would all agree that one more day of festival would make it even greater. Two days of this epicness is just not enough.

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