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Report: Dark Circle Fest 6(66) @ Hartera, Rijeka, 14.-15.6.2019

by Lukrecija Mesek
Darko Circle Fest

This weekend we headed on Dark Circle Fest, Hartera, Rijeka to celebrate last year of festival.

By now, you should know about this amazing festival, and we are sad that this was it’s last year. During last six years we got chance to see local bands up on that stage, but some bigger bands as well. We shared so much memories. Love stories, new friendships, best summer times, great bands… The list goes on. For me, this festival was my sanctuary. For six years I gathered so much beautiful memories.  I have met some great people on first year. It was crazy even thought I don’t remember now who was performing than. But that first edition of the festival helped me to overcome my shyness and I learned how to survive two nights in a row partying all the time. Or like that time on second year when we went to see Cold Snap play. At one of their song most of the crowd took their shirts off and we put them above our heads and start spinning. Or when we were going home that year and missed our bus even though we arrived at bus station over hour early. Or when I was running all over Rijeka that same year with towel over my head while it was pouring cats and dogs. Third edition of the festival is my favorite. We spent three days in Hartera. We would go for a swim during the day, and we would spend the rest of the day, until concerts, playing Tekken and dancing on glam floor. It was longest edition of the fest and it gave us time to relax and meet new people. Fourth edition of the festival gave me the opportunity to visit festival as reporter for the first time, which was huge thing for me. I got chance to write about my favorite event. I would run all over Hartera trying to see everything and talk to everyone. I felt like I’m home. Fifth edition was just pure chaos for me, but I got my wish to come true. I have met greatest people, got chance to talk to amazing bands, and interestingly enough found out that deep trance/minimal music kinda goes well with metal (but only as after party, metal still has to be main thing).

Through those years I made a promise to myself to go each year to this festival. Because it was something so perfect, felt like home and like I’m surrounded  by family.  So you can guess how bummed out I was when I heard about sixth edition. But hey, not every end is really end, sometimes it’s just new beginning. So, let’s see how it went this year….

Darko Circle Fest

Friday, 14th June 2019

We found our way to the festival site couple hours before concerts.  I was really surprised when we saw whole movie set in front of the tunnel. It came as really nice surprise, although it wasn’t part of the fest.  Now I’m curious to find out what are they filming there. At least security was on really high level because of the movie set together with official fest security.

First, we headed to the camp to set the tent, and checked out what was going on on Glam metal floor. A bit of chatting with guys from Speedclaw, Voloh and Kryn and time just went by. It was time for concerts!

First on the stage were Porko Dio, followed with Their, Uma Thurman and Speedclaw. Next on stage we greeted Kryn. They really took my breath away. Amazing melodies followed by awesome might of drums. It was the first band of the night that made me bang my head. First day of the festival was coming to the end with Voloh and PHC. PHC were unusual sight. Two guitars and laptop. But they sounded pretty good and the crowd was wild.

The sound was amazing this year. You could hear bands so clearly, and I didn’t even need my earplugs to save my ears from noise.

I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t many visitors. I would expected much bigger crowd. But that’s okay. Everyone that weren’t there missed a great show. We put our hopes for much bigger crowd for next day.

Saturday, 15th June 2019

Day started off and we were swiped of our feet with heat. Sadly, this year we didn’t have showers on the festival site, so we had to improvise how to cool our self. Thankfully, we had great Dark circle cocktails to cool us down and a bit of rain gave us room to breathe.

We walked a bit around the festival site, and I hate to say that there were even less people than night before. But hey, it was still pretty early, so we agreed to wait to see what happens later.

Second night was open by the band Miscreation, followed by Epicentar. Sweet Thunder made us dance with great covers of the 80’s glam metal bands. We also got chance to talk with Nikola from Sweet Thunder, but more about that later.  Upset warmed us up just in time for Nanowar of steel, gathering bigger crowd into the tunnel. Guys from Nanowar of steel fired up the crowd and made us laugh to tears. Closing of this year greatest fest was the honor of Stimulans and Krematorium. We were sad that show was over because that means that all of this is really over. (Reality hit us so hard when we realized that in the morning we’re going home.) We headed to Glam metal floor to chill and relax.

When I think about this year I would say it was the best. Although there wasn’t much people the atmosphere was at it’s peek. Really nice, positive and cheerful people, tons of good music, booze and great food. Whoever missed this, missed the greatest good bye. But we found out that Dark Circle Fest won’t be forgotten, and that tradition could go on. I will say big fat thank you to the association RiRock for giving us this amazing festival for all these years. Thank you for greatest memories. It was awesome. Rock on guys, stay heavy!!!

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