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Report: Corpsessed, Graveyard & Lie in Ruins @ Močvara, Zagreb, 9.10.2019


Another Wednesday, another concert in Močvara. Last weekend, Oluja fest was held here and it kicked ass. Now, 4 days later, there is another gig for those who thirst for more metal. While Oluja was in a more Black metal tone, this evening was all about good, old Death metal. We had three great acts perform for us today – Corpsessed, Graveyard and Lie in Ruins.


There were minor changes in the schedule, so the first band to perform was Graveyard instead of Lie in Ruins, who were originally set to open the evening. This 5-piece from Barcelona prides themselves in the classic death metal sound they achieve. That said, Graveyard’s set offered some decent old-school death and the band members have shown to be very competent live performers. Although, the band had technical sound issues at times, they still managed to make the best of it. They have a very solid reputation for their studio material and they don’t sound bad live either. At times though, the studio material still felt superior. In the studio versions, we can hear many atmospheric keyboard passages building up their dark atmosphere. However, in a live environment those backing tracks could barely be heard because the instruments were way louder. It took away a piece of the grim ambiance this band is aiming for. A very good performance nevertheless.


Next up was Lie in Ruins, In comparison to Graveyard, this group seems way more experienced when it comes to live performances, which comes as little to no surprise since they were originally founded in 1993. This band combines faster death metal passages with slower doom ones and they pull this off very well. They are way more effective than Graveyard in achieving the so desired dark atmosphere, a lot more people were present for it. The band also used corpsepaint-like make up to make their visual appearance more in line with the music. The band played a spectacular show. Switching slots between them and Graveyard was a completely justified move.

lie in ruins
After a little break, it was time for the last band of the evening, the almighty Corpsessed. The band got the headlining slot and rightfully so. Their music had the darkest tone out of all three bands that played this evening. They play almost the same blend of genres like the other two collectives in their entourafe, but in their case it sounded the most convincing out of everything offered. The only thing that was a bit unusual was the band’s vocalist. His look and vocal style might be better suited for a slam/brutal death metal band, but he provided a great performance nevertheless. It didn’t actually harm the band’s sound in any way, as they can deliver the same thing live as they do in the studio. The evening was concluded by a splendid set from Corpsessed and the audience’s full approval.


We were treated to a great night of death metal with awesome bands and the atmosphere to match. Everyone who wasn’t there can be sorry, for they don’t know what they missed. Another great evening in Močvara – with more to follow. Can’t wait for the next show!

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