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Report: Conan, Un & Sixes @ Močvara, Zagreb, 5.11.2019


Tired yet? I understand, this was one hell of a week, and it’s only Wednesday! Yesterday we had a chance to witness Dopethrone’s solid performance, albeit with a minor hiccups. On the second day of Močvara’s stoner extravaganza we had the privilege of hosting new doom metal forces fresh from the US -> Sixes and Un, along with the well-known UK doom legends Conan. Two days of similar subgenres accompanied with cold and rainy weather, we can definitely call this a little doom metal festival. Just like the evening before, Močvara was home to over a hundred people.


Sixes @ Jahvo Joža (Subsite.hr)

The first to take the stage were Sixes. This is a relatively new band from California and they presented material from their first and only album “Methistopheles”. Their music is a mix of stoner, sludge and doom metal at its filthiest. Slow doom riffs reminiscent of Electric Wizard, accompanied by raspy vocals shouldn’t leave any fan of the genre disappointed. Many people praised the band’s performance as the best one, definitely on par with Conan. We even got to hang out with the band after the show and make their stay in Zagreb a bit more hospitable. They’re infinitely cool and approachable people!


Sixes @ Jahvo Joža (Subsite.hr)

Next off, we are in for a little change of tone with Un from Seattle. Un is more into funeral doom style, so way slower, but no less noisier. Riffs were to be expected and riffs were delivered. The band had many atmospheric funeral doom passages accompanied by deep growls. It is obvious that this is a way more experienced band with many gigs behind them, but somehow it felt like they didn’t quite match the energy that Sixes infected us with. At the start, it felt like Un will offer a lot more than Sixes, but as the performance went on it became clear that isn’t the case. Sure, funeral doom is definitely not the easiest genre to listen to and it takes time to get into, but it’s hard to escape the feeling that there was more this band could’ve shown us that just wasn’t brought across. They provided a solid performance nevertheless and served quite well as a supporting act.


Un @ Jahvo Joža (Subsite.hr)

After the marvelous supports, it was time for the band of the evening, none other than the almighty Conan. When we heard the first tones of “Total Conquest”, we knew what we were in for. If you thought the previous two bands were loud, I can assure you they were nothing compared to Conan. Conan could be defined as sonic abuse in its purest form, leaving your ears ringing for days. Such was our experience yesterday.


Conan @ Davor Birt

Like Neurosis and Lightning Bolt, this is definitely one of the bands for you need your earplugs for, unless your hearing is already damaged by such loud volume levels. The set list encompassed the band’s entire career. It featured material from their first EP and all four studio albums, but the most attention was given to the latest album “Existential Void Guardian”. There was also a little pleasant surprise – a cover of Fudge Tunnel’s “Hate Song”. This track isn’t featured on any of the band’s releases, but there is a live version featuring none other than the legendary Max Cavalera on vocals. The band delivered their set with full force as it was expected and they didn’t forget to thank and compliment the audience along the way, which is rather admirable. The band finished their set with “Paincantation” and left us more than satisfied with what was offered.

We had two great evenings of doom metal in Močvara, an unforgettable experience with many fantastic bands. Some we will remember for all the right reasons, some for all the wrong ones. Overall, this was a very good late weekend in Močvara and we hope for many more such occasions in the future. I’ll see you next time an interesting name pops up in our events!

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