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Report: Combichrist & TerroloKaust @ Močvara, Zagreb, 13.7.2019

by Lukrecija Mesek

Once again Combichrist visited Zagreb and this time I thought it’s time to see them perform live. This time they come back to promote their new album “One Fire”.

I arrived at concert right before Combichrist took the stage. Crowd was pretty big, which was big surprise for me since I thought that that part of our scene in Zagreb is almost gone. To be fair, it was little to no one from my generation, but it was nice to see all those people there so excited to see them perform.


Unlike most concerts in Močvara, Combichrist started on time. Since beginning Močvara was crowded. Whit first beats everybody started to move. Dancing, banging their head, and even moshing. Andy had great connection whit the crowd and so much energy on stage.

For the first time I saw band with two drum sets on stage and I was really surprised how great they sounded. They were supplemented and matched perfectly.  I really enjoyed their show and I was really happy to dance away all my worries.


Sadly, since we got into smartphones era, everyone is trying to record and photograph the whole show so they can enjoy it over and over again. I understand that, but I think that than you are missing the greatest thing you could enjoy – live show happening right before your eyes. Couple years ago I stopped to try record show with my camera, or take picture, I know that there are official photographers to do that for me, so I can always watch pictures of the show and they will look amazing. Now I always leave my phone in bag until the end of the concert and just enjoy that moment.


Last night, after short break, Andy came back on stage asking people to take out their phones and to take a picture, than he gave them finger. He corrected himself and mimic like he’s holding a phone trying to take picture, asking the crowd to put their phones away and just enjoy show. Afterword he promised to perform three more songs before they say good bye. I was really surprised to see band do this. 

It was really nice to see that crowd listened to him (except few individuals, but you will always find someone disrespectful) and they greeted that with “Let Your Body Beat”. Everybody was dancing and it was amazing. The show ended in great mood, and it got even better when band joined the after party. Who missed this show, missed great time. For all of you that were there, Rock on!


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