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Report: Carnifliate & Snøgg @ Randevu/Danđn Bar, Osijek, 31.3.2018

by Mislav Mihaljević

The rain was pouring almost all day long and Easter was knocking on the door, but that did not prevent a great metal show to take place at Randevu/Danđn bar (Dungeon bar) in Osijek. It was Saturday, near 10 p.m. and we arrived at the apparently only real metal habitat left in Osijek. Since there were not so many people, our table was empty and waiting for us. Like cold beer wasn’t enough on that surprisingly warm but rainy day, some baked and salty treats with bacon were offered as well. As the eating, drinking, and chatting went on and on, I realized I had to pay an urgent visit to the toilette. As anything more would be too much information to an average reader, let’s say that nothing changed during my thirty minutes of absence.

Near 11 p.m., Osijek’s Festcamper war-chief Mario announced that the first band is about to start, and we picked our beers and moved our bones to the basement.


When my sight reached “The Dungeon”, I saw something not so usual. Four men in Grim Reaper costumes were playing loud and fast in front of a very small amount of people that were brave enough to come downstairs. With no introduction needed, Snøgg started their act by presenting us that black metal can be much different than we usually hear or imagine. It is hard to explain how Snøgg sounds using only words, but let’s say that, at the same time, their sound and style reminds of Immortal and on the other, you can hear noise samples coming from the distance, bringing more chaos to the dark riffs playing from the guitar. They like to call themselves “freeride black metal”, stating that they have no boundaries when it comes to the creation of music. To show that they really mean it, that Black Metal quartet does not have a classic rhythm and lead guitar combo, but instead of it, besides one “regular” guitar, they use a lap steel guitar as well, and that is not a frequent thing to see in Black Metal or even metal in general. They really were everything opposite of the Easter spirit and did their job pretty well, but they had a small misfortune. The rest of the band was too loud for the microphone, so we barely even heard the vocals, and that’s just bad because the ones we did manage to hear sounded pretty awesome.


After Snøgg ended their set, we traditionally went upstairs to grab some more beers and baked goods to fresh up for the second act. After a short period of time, Carnifliate was ready to rumble. So, back to the basement, we went for another round of heavy music punches. Basically, Carnifliate consisted of the same line-up as Snøgg, but with a few position changes. Despite the similarity in personnel, their style and image were different from Snøgg’s in many ways. WIth lots of neck-breaking down-tuned guitars and blasting drums, they were quite a desert for the few of us guys left in the audience, and we had quite a great time like we were on their live rehearsal or something simillar. As the songs passed, I got an impact that the band was playing faster and faster by every passing beat. It was no surprise they played with big bands like Gutalax, Benighted, and Noctiferia, because their way of playing a mixture of Death Metal and Grindcore, or I might say – Pornogrind, is astonishing. After playing some great numbers from their debut album “Slaughterlust”, they ended with the best ones to hear, and they were simply entitled “God’s cock” and “Dildo Matador”. When a band reaches that point of inspiration, it just can’t be wrong and it just can’t sound bad.

Carnifliate and Snøgg really made “March of Death Tour 2018” worth it’s name. We tasted death with Snøgg and we witnessed a march of grinding metal brought by Carnifliate. After a night like that, what can a metalhead want more?

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