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Report: Cannibal Corpse & Feral @ Kulturbolaget, Malmö, 13.7.2018

by Bart Tomaszewski
Cannibal Corpse

I was waiting this gig and counting the days to go since I got to know about it, not less then 3 months before. The apogee of excitement took place on Friday’s morning. Even if I had several things to do I couldn’t concentrate and checked out what time is it every, to don’t lie you, fifteen minutes or so, the only exceptions were while I ate breakfast and lunch. And finally the time has come!!!

So, I moved my ass and went on the station to go to Malmö and be there in right time. Fortunately train had no delay, also a city buss. Well, such things happens rarely here in Sweden, but sometimes there’s something what calls natural perversity of inanimate objects, so… Anyways, I was in the club early enough to buy a t-shirt and drink a beer before gig began. Of course, what is a rule in Kulturbolaget, as I noticed, it began just on the time and guys from Swedish death metal band Feral started to play maybe five seconds after 8 p.m. There weren’t many people inside, but it still was a crowd in comparison with what happened on the first support band of Suffocation. However, residents of Skellefteå gave good show. They got enough time to play six songs and it was a cross-section of their creativity. There were songs from both albums (“Dragged in the Altar”, 2011 and “Where Dead Dreams Dwell”, 2015 – by the way, “Behead of Crucifix” and “Welcome to the Graveyard” have its origin in times of band’s second demo entitled the same as second mentioned track, 2009), lat EP “From the Mortuary” and as far as I know new one, “Gathering Their Bones”.

Then came more or less an half hour interval and one of death metal legends who once moved from Buffalo to Tampa entered the stage. Meantime crowd became really huge. Of course I didn’t count peeps who were at the place, but I guess it was at least 666 of them. Anyhow, I’ll don’t number songs Americans played cause it’d take to many time and place to mention all tittles and what albums they come from. It was, generally, the same like in the case of Swedish. I mean, cross-section of ensemble’s history. Besides, so many titles, and dates isn’t what I’d like to read in report from gig. That’s why I’ll don’t torture you with this shit! Especially that guys presented us at least one song from almost every full-length they ever released. Dominate position had, what’s in my opinion natural, representatives of newest one, “Red Before Black”.

I saw Cannibal Corpse several times during all these years I’m a metalhead and all of these gigs were great. The same I should to say about this one. Both music, stage work and response of people under the stage were very, very good. Actually I was a little surprised with this last one was so wild. You know, I live in Sweden almost 9 years and saw never before something like that here (in Copenhagen I did, but not in Malmö)! And now, an the end, I have to say something what I didn’t like. This is not about something directly connected with a gig, but with my job I had to do there. While C. C. played came to me some friggen guard and forbid to make pics, even if he knew very well that it’s a part of my work. “The bes2” is that in the same time few other guys made pics by their mobiles and he didn’t care!!! Well, before this asshole came to me I managed make two or three ones, so…

Cannibal Corpse setlist
1. Code of the Slashers
2. Only One Will Die
3. Red Before Black
4. Scourge of Iron
5. Evisceration Plague
6. Scavenger Consuming Death
7. The Wretched Spawn
8. Pounded Into Dust
9. Kill or Become
10. Gutted
11. Corpus Delicti
12. Devoured by Vermin
13. A Skull Full of Maggots
14. I Cum Blood
15. Make Them Suffer
16. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
17. Hammer Smashed Face

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