Home News Report: Cannabis Corpse & Bednja @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 22.3.2018

Report: Cannabis Corpse & Bednja @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 22.3.2018

by Kastelan

On Thursday the 22nd of March 2018 we had the pleasure of seeing Cannabis Corpse and Bednja at the Vintage Industrial Bar.  First off I would like to a dress that the staff at Vintage Industrial Bar was extremely nice and the sound was great.

First on the stage was Bednja, a Croatian post, black, hardcore band from Varaždin. They are a fairly new band and they describe their music as a mixture of hate, frustration, resistance and energy. There music isn’t something unseen or revolutionary but you could see a certain perspective because they have skill and deliver a great performance. They had a solid interaction with the audience and were very confidante and comfortable on stage. It was visible that they knew what they were doing and it all have a professional note. We do look forward on seeing what their new material will be like in the future.

Cannabis Corpse is a death metal band from Richmond, Virginia, USA that was founded in 2006. For being a sort of Cannibal Corpse parody band there sound is really brutal and as many may say even better then the original. They carry with themselves a classic American charm so there performance was full of jokes, so you could see that they are pretty down to earth and laid back guys. The set consisted from a mixture of there most popular songs which really got the audience hyped and everyone was moving to the rhythm from the first row to the last. Technically the sound was on point with an oldschool death metal sound that was quite brutal. I think that the whole idea of the band is something different and fun and that it was a great concert.

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