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Report: Burnum Legion & Orka @ Monty Python, Split, 15.10.2019

by Marin Soldatic

Tuesday autumn night is usually quiet so metal concert that was announced for that night was a must. Two bands from Split were on the bill, one was Orka, a relatively young band but with experienced musicians and is well known among local metalheads. The other was Burnum Legion , a complete mistery for many as this was their first live show ever. Although Burnum Legion members are well known as they also play/ played in some of the biggest names in croatian metal scene, nobody knew what to expect.

DJ Wera was responsible for entertaining the crowed before and after the show and he did a great job delivering metal classics. One thing that showed that this will be the night to remember was the fact that club was full and let´s not forget that it was Tuesday and audience in Split is pretty lazy when it comes to metal shows.

First band that took the stage was Orka and they did a great job blasting songs from their demo Whispers Of A Hidden Fear. Great musicianship and great vocal, Orka delivered their brand of melodic metaland warmed the crowd in best possible way. Definitely a great band and we hope they will get attention they deserve.

As indicated earlier Burnum Legion was a mistery and nobody was prepared for what was coming. From the first notes of Longinus The Leviathan their crushing mix of Black/ Death metal grabed the listeners and didn´t let them go till the end of their set. Like the Roman legions in the past, Burnum legion attacked without mercy and left no prisoners. Raging vocals on the top of the perfect rhytam machine and melodic, but heavy guitars blew everyone away. These guys have a great potential and after the finish of their show crowd just wanted more. Unfortunately, encore didn` t happen but it definetly left hunger for more Burnum Legion. I really hope that we will get first album from these guys ASAP as from what we heard this band will be one of the brightest ( or darkest) stars in Croatian ( and not only Croatian) metal sky.

This was probably one of the best shows in Split in a long time and those who missed it can only hope that they will get to see these two great bands soon. Great night for metal in Split!

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