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Report: Bullet For My Valentine & Overpower @ Boogaloo, Zagreb, 2.4.2019

by Lukrecija Mesek
Bullet For My Valentine

It was somewhere around 2005 or so, when I first listened to Bullet For My Valentine. Now iconic “Tears don’t fall” was playing on German VIVA and I was instantly biggest fan girl you can possible imagine. I still remember daydreaming with my friends how one day we will go to the concert, just like every teen girl back then.

Now, almost 13 years later (I don’t know why, but for some reason I instantly remembered their song “10 years today”), I was so excited when I heard that they are coming to Zagreb. It was a dream come true for me. Finally I got the chance to see them perform live and they left me breathless (literally).


I was running a bit late to the concert, so I missed the chance to see Overpower. I arrived at their final songs, but the crowd was already warmed up pretty good. By the reactions of the crowd I could say that guys did a very good job, and I would like to hear them play again (hopefully next time I will be there from the start).

The pause between bands was pretty long but it gave us a chance to get ready for main attraction of the night. So after waiting for this for a long, long, long time, finally the lights are out and Bullet For My Valentine is getting on stage with powerful “I Don’t Need You”. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention what is going on around me, I was banging my head and just enjoying the moment, but I could feel the raging energy that was filling up the venue. Next was “Over It”, I looked around and the crowd is jumping and screaming along with Matt, but compare to this song, “Your Betrayal” made everybody to jump out of their skin and rage. I think that I can blame this one for partially losing my voice. Next was “4 Words to Choke Upon” followed by “Worthless” and “Letting You Go”. After they warmed us up, we were ready for “Last Fight”. I could see one of many mosh pits, and the guys were killing it. Whole venue is in element, singing, screaming and moshing.

They gave us chance to recover for a little bit, with Jason Bowld’s awesome drum  solo. I guess they were preparing us for what is coming next. I just got the chance to catch my breath when “Scream Aim Fire” started to blast off the speakers. Of course, my voice broke at one point and I thought that it’s done I won’t be able to speak for next couple of days. The fact that next was “You Want Battle (Here’s A War)”, didn’t help the situation, but the crowd was just getting wilder. Moshpit after moshpit, there was no sign of stopping. They gave us another chance to find our breath with “No Way Out” before they smashed us with “Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow”. That was point of no turning back and I could tell that crowd was giving their max. We all loosed our minds when the first chords of “Tears Don’t Fall” started ripping through speakers. That was it. My voice is gone for a while and I knew that next day I will be in half-coma. (And I have to say thank you to my friend that held me on his shoulders so I could see the stage and for holding balance while I was headbanging). With curses toward venue for lack of ventilation and fresh air (you know that is essential for thing we call life) we finally heard intro to “Waking The Demon” and with last strength in all of us said good bye to Bullet For My Valentine with biggest and wildest moshpit.

Bullet For My Valentine

Overall, if you’re fan, you missed quite the show. I would prefer if they played couple of more songs. I feel like they left out too many good songs, and of course it would be great if the concert lasted a bit longer. Somehow it seemed that they played too short for a headliner. Never the less, I’m happy. I make my childhood dream come true, lost my voice, my neck hurts and all I can say it was awesome. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see them perform live again soon. Until than – Rock on!

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