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Report: Body Count, Astroid Boys & Powerstroke @ Boćarski dom, Zagreb, 19.6.2018

by Ivan Slunjski
Body Count

It has been more than 20 years since the crossover thrash metal legends played in front of Croatian audience. Body Count brought a 80-minute portion of their fast paced music. Along with them on their European leg were Astroid Boys and Powerstroke. Each band represented a unique perspective on thrash metal. Astroid Boys combined it with rap and turntables and Powerstroke combined it with more groovier sound.

At around 20:30 first band on stage was Powerstroke. They are Belgian thrash/groove metal band formed in 2007. Although, I missed most of the show they successfully warmed up crowd for the next act.

Next on stage was Welsh band Astroid Boys. Formed in 2012, they are representatives of rap combined with hardcore music. To date, they have released one studio album called “Broke”. They did a great 30-minute job as a support act.

Right on time at 22:00, Body Count emerges on stage with an intense applause by the audience and a hype spread across the venue. Fronted by bad boy called Ice-T they delivered their crossover set.

They opened their set with a Slayer cover song “Raining Blood/Postmortem”. Next on the menu was song “Bowels of the Devil” from their first studio album.

They played 5 songs from that album which was well received by fans. Most of the set for reserved for their last two albums “Manslaughter” and “Bloodlust”. During the song “Drive By” there was a biggest moshpit I have ever seen (yes, even bigger than Slayer mosh in Zagreb 2016).

Last song of the regular set was most controversial Body Count song called “Cop Killer”. Ice thanked Croatian audience for their support and as he said Body Count will return for virtual encore. This type of encore was invented by him where band doesn’t leave the stage because they are to lazy to leave it. “Institutionalized”, “Born Dead” and “This Is Why We Ride” were performed in this type of encore.

All in all, the promoter did a great job with this concert,but the downside is the quite expensive merch sold outside of the venue.

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