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Report: Black Twilight Circle @ AKC Attack, Zagreb, 28.1.2018

by Kastelan

On Sunday, January 28 at the Zagreb’s club AKC  Attac, Volahn, Arizmenda, BHL and Dolorvotre played under the name “Black Twilight Circle”.

Black Twilight Circle is a group of Black Metal bands from Southern California who achieve a rather interesting way of performing, rotating band members so that the same members repeated several times with different instruments. The organization was very good and everything was on time. People came and created a pleasant atmosphere. In front of the stage there was a table decorated with candlesticks and skulls that had added the mystics of the upcoming performance.

Dolorvotre was performed first. The band was founded in 2009 and recorded same named full-length. Their performance was energetic, they clenched many grindcore elements with a very tribalistic sound. The fetishist aesthetics of this band certainly contributed to the gimp mask worn by the band singer.

It is important to note that two visitors decided to destroy before the play. They almost fell on the table few times and get inflamed themselves and the audience. After multiple warnings, they were removed from Attack.

Arizmenda played after them. They were founded in 2007 and have released five albums and one split. Their sound is much more melodic than the previous band and they often like to use ambient samples. The whole set sounded very similar because a lot of delay and noise that blared from the loudspeakers.

Blue Hummingbird On The Left (BHL) was founded 8 years ago and have not released any albums so far, they recorded two splits and EP. Of all the bands that performed, they had the most hardcore punk influences because of their movements on stage, music and aesthetic. There have been perfectly fit hardcore elements with Mayan themes and ritual instruments.

Volahn was the last band of the evening, which is also the main solo project of the founder of Black Twilight Circle. Their music was very difficult. They had the finest performance of the evening and demonstrated how to play True Black Metal. The incense that they burned during their performance gave a different atmosphere than other bands.

The technical performance and the presentation of all bands was fantastic. All in all, this was a pretty good concert. Thirty minute sets were ideal to show what musicians can and keep the interest of audience who reacted positively to all bands.

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