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Report: Black Tusk & Killed A Fox @ Močvara, Zagreb, 24.5.2019

by Helen Vučić
Black Tusk

Oh wow! From the moment I first heard Black Tusk, I knew this was gonna be a fantastic gig, I was looking forward to it immensely. My expectations weren’t only met, but exceeded. Big thanks to Hangtime Agency and Klub Močvara for making this happen and kudos for the excellent choice of support band.

Killed A Fox

Killed a Fox are a psychedelic rock/metal quartet based in Zagreb, both acclaimed live artists and not skimping on studio work. They’ve got three full-length releases behind them! The performance began with a slight delay, around 9pm, and it was energetic from the start. A little slower than Black Tusk, but with equal intensity, they put us in just the right mood for the rest of the evening. Half of the people gave them their full attention, while the other half chatting outside was often stopped in their tracks by the captivating and creative drumming that resonated throughout the club. What was even more memorable than the vocal was the singer’s piercing gaze from his Steve Buscemi eyes. Jokes aside, I enjoyed Fox’s performance without question. I’m always more than ready to support a band that gives it their all on stage. These guys had fun and so did we.

Their communication with the audience was excellent, almost every song was properly announced and we knew what was going on at all times. They took the time to invite us to another show they’re playing at Kulturni Centar Mesnička on the 31st of May, promoting their new music video from the latest album “Crown Shyness”. KCM is a small, relaxed club with an intimate atmosphere, if loud punk gigs aren’t your thing and you’ve missed them just now with Tusk, this might be an evening for you. The entrance will be completely free, there’s no excuse not to support this brilliant local act.

We arrive to the most awaited moment of the night. The sound check already drew a crowd fully warmed up and ready to pounce. It was about to get fast and sweaty. Very soon, the energy on stage was through the roof. Jumping, screaming, more jumping, accompanied by shiny, smashing riffs. Imagine a really dark, grim AC/DC.

Black Tusk

I fell in love with Black Tusk for their multi-vocal magic and the tragic band backstory; both give their music a very special vibe. The anger, pain and happiness were conveyed to us perfectly. Tusk was such a welcome, refreshing change from the Doom/Death streak we’ve been caught in lately. Talking about refreshing, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a diverse choice of merch. They even had sweatpants and beach shorts! The t-shirt material was really light and high-quality, no Fruit of the Loom for Tusk fans. All sold by a friendly girl who gave me an extra sticker!

Overall, this was one of the better nights in Močvara. Not your usual, run-of-the-mill see some bands and have a beer. My neck hurts and I’m happy. I’ll keep Black Tusk in a very positive memory and really hope to see them again, whenever it happens. Remember the name – don’t miss them at some festival ‘cause you were having a beer elsewhere.

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