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Report: Bezdan, Vigilance, Evil & Bonehunter @ Močvara, Zagreb, 18.11.2018

by Kastelan

On Saturday, the 18th of November 2018 Bezdan, Vigilance, Evil and Bonehunter played in Močvara, Zagreb. I was personally very excited for this show, since I almost exclusively do photography, but this time, it was listening only. A big switch from the usual running around catching the perfect shot.

First of were Bezdan, a four piece Thrash band from Čakovec, Croatia. Under this name, they are active since 2012, but I didn’t have the opportunity to see them yet (despite them playing regularly in my area).

For starters, I have to admit, i was impressed. These guys play with their heart and soul, and give their best on stage. This solid performance was only enhanced by the active crowd, who not only knew the songs, but knew the band personally. Their set was heart filled, and felt brutally homey. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again soon, and I fully advise any thrash fan to support the local forces. (Perhaps buy their new 7″)

Next of were Vigilance, a thrash/black band from our neighbor country of Slovenia. Hailing from Postojna, and active since 2010, they have several demos, EP’s and three albums.

It comes rare that I go and see a live band, and then decide to take a listen to their music afterwards. But these guys played just the right mix of thrash and black for me. As a fan of bands like Omega, Midnight and Cruel force, i was delighted by Vigilance. Melodic enough, but fast and punchy. Great crowd control and an awesome selection of songs, both fast and slow. With great respect for all other bands who played this Sunday, Vigilance took the crown for me.

The most talked about band from this evening was Evil from Japan. Founded in 2011, this band just recently found traction. To be precise, after released their latest album “Rites of Evil”. This was also the time yours truly discovered this band.

Their performance is greatly inspired by the older bands, and they keep their gig very true. Performing with great energy, precision and love. They took the universal language of music and connected with a crowd very different from themselves. The crowd reacted perfectly, with people crow dsurfing and moshing throughout the gig.

If Evil keep it up, and do more awesome gigs like this one, I’m pretty sure we will be seeing them on big festival stages soon enough.

The evening closers were Bonehunter. A Finnish metal-punk band founded in 2011. They released several demos, EP’s and splits, but are currently promoting their newest album titled ” Children of Atom”.

By the time this band climbed on stage, the crowd were running hot. It was no surprise to see them react perfectly to the shrieking thunder emerging from the stage. A well balanced mix of nasty punk and super fast thrash metal left no one standing still.

To sum things up, i loved this gig. Props to all the bands and organizers for keeping it true and bringing good music to the local scene.

Cover photo by Joža (subsite.hr) [thanks man]

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