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Report: Belzebong & Necromancers @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 13.11.2018

by Kastelan

“You know a concert was good when it takes a couple of days just to get your shit together.”, me, explaining to my editor why this report is late.

On Tuesday, the 13th of November 2018, Belzebong and the Necromancers visited Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb. This was a first for both bands, and an long-awaited gig for the local stoner scene. (Which is flourishing I might add, with great bands like Monolord, Bongzilla, Dopethrone, Dopelord and Naxatras doing shows around these parts lately)

The whole thing started around 9.45 p.m. First of were The Necromancers, a French Doom Metal act founded in 2015. Since then, they released two full lengths called Servants of the Salem Girl and Blood and Wine.

As it usually goes, I was cautious with this band, I thought perhaps a fresh band could have some hick ups on stage and be less played in than some metal veterans. Oh, boy was I wrong. These french dudes really rock the stage. It felt like they knew each other for decades, and played for so long, they don;t even remember. They took the Metal formula and rocked out whit something that works for them. A strong and convincing performance to say the least.

The performance itself was stellar, but i have a slight problem with the source material. It just didn’t stick to me. Its good, but there are so many good bands out there. Nothing was that memorable, and just the good live performance didn’t convince me to grab a CD and have another listen.

The second band, and the real reason i was so excited for this gig were Belzebong. The polish four piece stoner machine were founded 10 years ago, and have three albums under their belt. The last one, Light The Darkness was an unexpected Halloween release this year, and a real treat two weeks before the concert. It got me, and many more even more hyped.

But wait, a metal band without vocals, no weed glorifying texts to sing along, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. But it certainly isn’t. Belzebong composed their music to be packed with memorable motives, but not to complicated. You can get lost between the riffs, but always see the path ahead, and can return to the stream of rhythm very quickly. The live performance was fuzzy but pronounced, the show was packed with energy, but didn’t spread aggression like some thrash shows I’ve been to. A chill experience and a great way to spend a Tuesday.
One great thing about this band is, they don’t talk to the crowd. Communication goes only through waving, raising glasses and lighting joints. Its perfect! They don’t seem greater than life, they don’t look or act like rock stars, they just play their music and enjoy it.

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