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Report: Baroness @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 16.10.2019


Wednesday, time for another concert! And playing is none other than well-known Savannah legends, Baroness.  They decided to perform without any special guests or supporting acts, so this can truly be called an evening with Baroness. This was the first show of this kind on the tour, most of the shows prior to this, Baroness were a supporting act for Volbeat. As a support, the slot was very limiting as they have to clear off later. Luckily, Zagreb got to experience a very special, intimate set. Baroness were the only band playing, so there was no reason not to perform a full, little less than two hour long solo concert.

Baroness The show started around 9:30 pm, as it was originally scheduled. Baroness didn’t waste any time and they kicked off their set energetically. The euphoria in the audience was ever present. The usual opener on this tour is “Kerosene”, so that track was more than expected. However, “Kerosene” didn’t make it to the set-list at all! Instead, the band started with
an even older classic “A Horse Called Golgotha”, which was an indicator this won’t be just “another show”. Right then, we knew this will be one extraordinary evening.

Baroness The hits came one after another, the audience was getting more and more hyperactive and sang along with the band. This was especially intense in first three rows, the band’s frontman John Baizley even complimented them for their energy. The set list could be described as a cross-section of the band’s entire career, we heard tracks from all of their albums. They only omitted songs from their first two EPs, which is rather ironic because the first time they played in Zagreb, they only played those two EPs! The set was perfectly balanced between heavier, more aggressive tracks and softer, ballad ones.

Baroness The sound was top notch. Probably one of the best, if not the best sound I’ve ever heard in Vintage Industrial Bar. Every instrument could be heard to perfection, vocals as well.

There weren’t any technical difficulties that could ruin the show. Even the band’s experimental noise parts weren’t too loud, they were moderate to fit the purpose of the songs. The only objection that I could find is that it was WAY overcrowded. Turns out, Vintage Industrial Bar isn’t ideal for Baroness after all. This band is definitely fit for bigger venues. Maybe the organizers weren’t expecting an attendance this massive, you see, Ufomammut was playing in Močvara on the same night. However, this prediction was very wrong, many people showed up for Baroness and Ufomammut (sorta) got the thick end. 

Other than the sea of people being annoying, I really have no complaints about this memorable affair. The atmosphere was vigorous all the way from the concert’s start right up till the end. As strong as they started, equally strong they finished, with a combo consisting of “The Sweetest Curse”, “Isak” and the ever-present closer “Take My Bones Away”. After the last song, the band said their goodbyes to the audience with a promise to return someday. They delivered all that was expected of them and could go on more than satisfied.

BaronessAn hour and a half of the best gig you’ve ever seen in VIB shouldn’t leave anyone disappointed. One novelty that I’d like to point out and encourage was the option to pay with a card at the merch stand! Finally, metal enters a new, modern era!

Baroness definitely brought us a night to wish for and a great memory to look back on in the future. After such a great atmosphere, surely they will visit us again very soon. Next time, I’m hoping for a bigger venue. Tvornica Kulture would be ideal, its size and sound aesthetics could really make Baroness shine like a diamond. Whatever the case, I will make sure I clear up my calendar for Baroness’ next arrival. Cheers till then!

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