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Report: Bane, Kolac & CounterIgnitioN @ Club Fest, Zemun, 4.8.2018

by Srđan Radovanović

It’s the middle of the summer and the blistering heat makes it by far my least favourite time of year. Everything goes to a grinding halt and the only thing to look forward to is the holidays. So it was kind of strange when I saw an event of this caliber held in this time of year. It’s been 24 hours into my holiday (well, it’s only starting Monday technically but oh well) and some of us needed a kind of an after party after a recent monumental concert in the neighbourhood. It was up to Zemun’s “Fest” to provide a value for us, in the form of three bands very known to the local crowd, Kolac, CounterIgnition, and of course, Bane!


So after (at this point expected, really) delays, CounterIgnition kicked off the event. And right off the bat, a collective look of disbelief was evident on everyone’s faces: “Look at all these people here!” I mean, the atmosphere was already boiling before the show even started but there shouldn’t be people here in this time of year, especially in the scorching inferno that’s called the “summer of 2018”. Regardless, the boys took the stage, channeled some of the groove of old and let it rip with “Border” and “Life Sentenced”. They simply couldn’t resist pointing out loud the same as what I just said. Well they worded it a bit differently but you know. The place was packed! It was teeming with life, with energy of young and old, we’ve seen some new friends, some old friends and the stage was pumped up. It was however, somewhat demanding to remain focused all the way through, but like I said, I really can’t stand heat. They wrapped up by doing a metal cover of an ancient rock song!

CounterIgnition setlist

  1. Intro/Border
  2. Life Sentenced
  3. Middletown
  4. Strike
  5. UG Unite
  6. Petak
  7. Melprom
  8. Daire (Smak cover)

Following the end of the set, everyone and their grandmother rushed out to get some air, refill at the booze section and what have you. The break was brief was enough to reinvigorate everyone involved and set the stage for the next band in line, Kolac.


Kolac (Serbian word for “stake”) are Black Metal to the tune of Grim and Necro. And for this particular event, that kind of attitude was just what the doctor ordered, tying in nicely with the complementary but still common theme of the event. Although not “trVe black metal” according to traditional visual esthetics, the intensity of the drumming and the focused grimness of the collective sent no wrong messages. The place somehow got even more crowded, I had to chug my beer with a lightning speed before it would become warm. Summoning the crowd to make noise, the band kept on delivering with ferocity. They cared not for the ambience, they were in their own!

Kolac setlist

  1. Na Kolac – intro
  2. U smrti zatečen
  3. 4 Boga Jarca
  4. The Deadliest of plagues
  5. Crvu Slava
  6. Zauvek Crni
  7. Aeon Luciferii
  8. Gde Su Sada Crne Vrane
  9. Holy Threesome 2010
  10. Raskršten


The time was finally right for the final band of the night, as Bane makes somewhat of a comeback. From their beginnings in Serbia, they have risen to the occasion many times and the current iteration of the band operates out of Montreal, Canada, brandishing an international lineup. Their black/death style is a love letter to old Dissection and with many years and many stages under belt, this promised to bring a bang for the buck, and not just pandimensional disorder (get it?). Blasting right out the gate, at one point, nobody’s fault really, they had minor technical difficulties. Yet, despite it not being serious, it caused a minute or two of inconvenient awkwardness. Bane were not fazed by that obviously and there was some solid musicianship on display, mixed with addressing the crowd (a bit too much if you ask me) in between songs.

Bane setlist

  1. The True Insomnia
  2. Beneath The Black Earth
  3. Bringer Of Pandimensional Disorder
  4. In Endless Silence
  5. World Of Desolation
  6. Into Oblivion
  7. In A Dying World
  8. Pandemonium
  9. Where Dead Angel’s Lie

It is really ungrateful to be forced to separate “main” from the “support” acts in events like this one. In my book, all 3 bands deserved equal recognition as there wasn’t much difference in both sound quality and crowd reception among the 3 of them. The sound, I’ve been to countless gigs of local bands where the sound quality was the least of everyone’s worries (once you get blackout drunk, you really stop caring) and, being concerned that the trend or what have you would carry over, I ended up being pleasantly surprised by just how clean the delivery was. Nobody was louder/quieter than the other.

To sum up, Kolac definitely left the best impression on me, CounterIgnitioN were solid but Bane seems to have succumbed to the hype just a little bit. They were not bad, I was not disappointed by any stretch of the imagination, it just felt a bit suboptimal and up to polishing, and like my good friend from Australia always says “eh, she’ll be right!”. Still, this was a very fitting warm up party for the coming Brutal Assault Festival

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