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Report: Ancst & Namet @ AKC Attack, Zagreb, 14.3.2018

by Kastelan

We had the pleasure of making our Wednesday a lot more interesting by seeing Ancst and Namet. They made a pretty good show at AKC Attack on March 14, 2018. The turn up of people was standard for a gig of this kind, if you like concerts that have a chill and laid back atmosphere it’s a great place. The sound was pretty seamless and it was one of the few concerts where when I went out I had no buzzing in my ears.

Everything started right in time so first on the stage were Namet; a blackened death crust band from Zagreb, with their mixture of many genres they create a quite unique sound especially in the Croatian scene. Since the last time they played the made a big step forward with a lot of things; their set, their material, their show and they seem a lot calmer and confident also they made a lot of jokes and lots of communication with the audience probably because they knew everyone that was there. So it is safe to say that Namet killed it. 

After them came Ancst a German blackened crusted metal band. For their first time here they seemed fairly excited. In their songs you can still see a lot of hardcore punk influences with a few more atmospheric post like influences.  It was quite a shame that their set was only thirty minutes because they have a lot of  material to offer. An energetic stage presence was fully backed up with a great technical performance which showcased a very professional performance. 

All in all, the audience seemed like they had a great time as well as the bands. I think that I was real refreshening having only two bands performing because it somehow made everyone enjoy and appreciate them more. Taking everything into consideration It was a pretty great night and everything was at a top level.

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