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Report: Alkonost, Tamerlan & Ognjena kočija @ Dvorište, Novi Sad, 13.4.2018

by Ivona Bogner

Friday the 13th promisses a lot. I have never travelled so long from Belgrade to Novi Sad (two and a half hours) and when I finally came I was informed that the band is late. To the hell! I have where to sleep, I have food and drinks, so, let them be late!

Around 21:40… Surprise, surprise! The club is right behind the church! Not a good sign!

When I arrived, a local support band, Ognjena kočija, has already started their show. To be honest, I did not pay much attention to the band. I was devastated by lights and thinking how could I make the best possible photos. One of the options was to turn the flash on, but in that case, there was a risk of blinding someone. By the time I figured out how to make at least solid photo, I realized Ognjena Kočija has a great local support.

Ognjena kočijaSomewhere in the dark, I saw the suspicious shadow, the idiot above all idiots. „Something will go wrong“, I thought, and damn, I was right!


Right after they have finished their show, Andrey „Elk“ Losev, the founding member of Alkonost, hit the stage. Shall I mention that the stage was not big enough for all band members? Anyway, somehow they have found the best positions they could. Vocalist, Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya, changed her outfit and the show begun. What I have noticed at the first place was the set list. Twenty songs, nine crossed out. Despite confined space, six band members gave the maximum. Fans were exalted, sang with Ksenia and sudden black out. Already mentioned, idiot above all idiots, fall on me and while everyone was in shock I was just thinking if he broke my camera, I will kill him! Friday the 13th fulfilled expectations.

If I forget „accident“ and focus on Alkonost show as best I can, besides minor sound problems, the band I did not listen before, although I am not the fan of a genre, impressed me.

Right after Alkonost the venue was almost empty. Tamerlan was not so lucky to gather even 10 souls. Since I was in pain, I made a few pics, I relocated myself to the safer place, took a beer and hoped the pain will go away. After a few beers and great music I forgot about the pain, the interview with Alkonost and all I needed was a hot shower and bed.

In my personal opinion, Alkonost were the stars of the show, and easily Ognjena Kočija and Tamerlan could stay at home.

Alkonost setlist:
1. Пред эпохой забвенья
2. Река
3. Невеста Лешего
4. Жемчужина
5. Years of Prophecy
6. Сказки Странствий
7. Ожидание
8. Тропа к Весне
9. Голое Лесов
10. Русалка
11. Ночь Перед Битвой


Temarlan setlist:
1. Patricide
2. The Inner Sunrise Ritual
3. The Kingdom Come
4. Ignite TheDawn
5. Years of Prophecy
6. Lucifer’s Son
7. Faces In The Fig
8. Like Gods at Dawn

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