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Report: Agnostic Front & Stronghold @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 29.6.2017

by Metal Jacket
Agnostic Front

After eleven years the day finally came – NYC hardcore band Agnostic Front has performed a show for its 35th birthday in Vintage Industrial Bar!

I came around 21 P.M. and the Vintage’s terrace was crowded with fans. They were drinking beer and hanging out in the front of the club. I had a great feeling about the whole event and I couldn’t wait to get started. Right on schedule, at 21:30 Zagreb’s band Stronghold was on the stage so everyone moved to the concert hall, even those who were out drinking. The guys from Stronghold have shown how to warm up the audience and they were the perfect support for Agnostic Front. They played their half an hour and prepared us well for the rest of the evening.

In half an hour break between the bands there was time to have a drink. At 22:30 Agnostic Front came to the stage and from the beginning they showed how it will look. The venue was completely filled within 5 minutes and chaos started.

The next song from the same name album was “My Life My Way” during which the crowd shouted almost as loud as band members. We were squeezed in sweat and beer. In that hour of play, Agnostics treated us with songs such as “Old New York”, “For My Family”, “Gotta Go” and excellent cover of famous “Blitzkrieg Bop” which rounded up whole evening. Maybe they could have played longer, I think we all wanted it, but because of the whole situation that hour for some was quite enough. The audience was wildly devastated, they jumped off from the stage, climbed on each other, also some fists broke out so extra half hour of the concert would probably kill ’em all. At the end of the concert, the guys quickly greeted the audience, it seems they all enjoyed the show, but they were definitely in a hurry because they had to go immediately to their tour bus.

This concert will be remembered by the energy that Agnostic Front brought on stage. It could also be considered as one of the best HC concerts in Zagreb recently. I hope it will more opportunities to see them around. But not for 11 years. Soon!

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