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Report: Abbath, VLTIMAS, 1349 & Nuclear @ Amager Bio, Copenhagen, 13.2.2020

by Bart Tomaszewski

First of all, I wanna say THANX A LOT to IVONA (not Ivana!!!) and Veda for sending me on this gig right in birthday. Let’s be honest, it was the best present I ever got!!! Well, once maybe I got even better one, but… Anyways, gig took place on Thursday, so it was a little crazy over here. After coming back from fuckin’ job I had only time to eat something and had to leave. But after all I came to Copenhagen later then I hoped to and then had to face another problem Unfortunately my buddy with who I’m always going on gigs in capitol of Denmark couldn’t take me away from train station, so after buying some beers, I had to get to know  how the hell I’ll find the club. Of course I did it, finally. But lost some part of the gig instead.

By the way, there’s always some solution and I know not only him in Copenhagen. So, thanx to my, this time female buddy, Anna Dziudzik, I can write some line or two about show which 1349 gave. OH… Information for these who never heard what Norwegians play – this is Black Metal and even if this is pure Norwegian one in my opinion, this is also quite developed, too. But honestly I somehow can’t believe there’s someone like that – the band exists since 1997 and is active with releases, gigs and so on, so this is iopossible to don’t hear a word, I guess. Frankly, it was my first time when I could see them alive. However, as I saw on saw on some movie on mobile and also heard, everything was looking like it should be on real Black Metal show. There wasn’t something what Frost did in Poland (Progresja, Warsaw) – I men fire-breathing, but I think both musicians and fans were satisfied of all of that.

Then of course some break to rearrange the stage a little and so on has come.  After that stage entered international band VLTIMAS. And even if this is quite young band, this is also in my opinion hard to don’t hear a word about them. And even if you never before heard the name VLTIMAS then names of musicians who participate in there you just MUST know. That are David Vincent, Flo Mounier and Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen, so no one doubt they’re good in what they do. So I don’t have to tell anyone that they gave a good show, doesn’t it? Well, Dave had some period when together with his wife created some shit music, but fortunately came back to his roots. Anyways, in music of VLTIMAS you can hear some echoes, quite far, but always, of Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy and also quite a lot of Black elements. And you don’t need to be genius to know they played first of all songs from their the only album, very good one, by the way, “Something Wicked Marches In”

Well, kill me, but I have no idea how long they played. Somehow I didn’t take a look at my watch even once during their show. Honestly the same was during the last band this evening, Abbath. By the way, it was also my, let’s say, debut. Earlier I heard the name, saw some funny memes and maybe, but just maybe (I can’t remember this fact, so it wasn’t regular listening of this or another album) listened to the music. With this band there’s the same story like with VLTIMAS. I mean, band is quite young one (found in 2015), but musicians are very experienced ones who played Metal years before the most of people who joined the show were born. This is especially about Abbath who was a member of Death Metal Old Funeral. Ok, but few words about the show now. Guys  were great!!! The end. Ahahahhaahaha… No, I’ll write a little more about this. Abbath and company were very natural and was acting like real Metalheads on the stage. You know, some headbanging and so on. I can be wrong, but I think Abbath is the oldest (by age) member of the band. It wasn’t any obstacle to spread the energy around and so on. As I said before I don’t know how long they played, but I suppose it could be even something like one hour. By the way, some Black Metal magic was, I think, added also by their cloths, too.

As always,well, I was second time in Amager Bio on the gig now actually, lights and stuff had a very professional quality, sound was great, too. But as for me concert was maybe even too professional. I don’t mean anything about music or so. I just somehow don’t like when on Metal shows there’s security who knows anything about this music. Probably that’s why there were practically any mosh pit. I also didn’t take as many pics as I use to do on other gigs…

Something like 23:30 the show was over, so I said “good bye” to Anna and went on bus stop and then to central station to come back to Malmo as quickly as possible. Well, it took more then two hours for me, so I got really short sleep before going to the work. And I have no idea how I survived there, but…


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