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KAMBRIUM – sign to Reaper Entertainment

by Metal Jacket

Reaper Entertainment proudly announces the signing of the German epic death metal brigade KAMBRIUM.

KAMBRIUM are not bound by stereotypes within the metal genre; they prefer instead to tread between these expectations and find themselves equally and comfortably at home within each of the styles that they have chosen to embrace. The result is a sound, crafted with elements of death, melodic and symphonic metal – everything the heart of a metal fan desires.

Now, the band signed a world wide record deal with the up-and-coming label REAPER ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE.

The band states:

“Welcome to the new era of Kambrium! A new musical world is entered. Standstill is not an option!
We are very happy that this new musical path is being shared with our friends from Reaper Entertainment. We’ve all known each other for a while now so we can say that Reaper Entertainment is not just a label, it’s our family. A lot of things go smoothly when you work with good friends who know where you want to go musically. And that is exactly the case here. Kambrium will return stronger than ever!”


“We have been friends with the band for many years and although it’s their first time signing a contract with Reaper, it feels like they are coming home. We are really looking forward to the new studio album which will be followed by many more albums.”

KAMBRIUM are recording their new studio album at the moment.
More Infos about the new album soon!

Originating from Helmstedt in Germany, the otherwise quiet town conceals an atmospheric band climbing to ever greater heights. Having already shared the same stage with established acts such as Ensiferum, Destruction, and Suidakra, Kambrium have accrued both domestic and international experience, and love nothing more than to leave their audience feeling both satisfied and exhausted from headbanging or singing along.

2007: Kambrium (Demo)
2008: From Treason To Death (Demo)
2010: A Silent Moon EP
2011: Shadowpath
2013: Dark Reveries
2016: The Elders’ Realm
2018: Dawn of the Five Suns

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