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RAVENOIR with new album

by Vjeran

The second album from Moravian blackened death metal band RAVENOIR called “In the Womb of Sin” has been released on June 21st, 2022 via the Slovak Gothoom Productions. The collection of eleven new songs is the follower of debut album “The Darkest Flame of Eternal Blasphemy” (2020). Although there are available jewel case + three panel digipack formats, Czech record label Black Barn Music will release both albums on vinyl next year. RAVENOIR have recorded bonus cover version “Black Funeral” from MERCYFUL FATE for “In the Womb of Sin” LP version. New album´s cover art work was created by the artist Jenglot Hitam. There are playing two ROOT members in RAVENOIR: the guitarist and vocalist AD with Igor on bass.

RAVENOIR – “In the Womb of Sin” tracklist:
I. The Ecstasy of Desecration (Initiation) 3:28
II. In the Womb of Sin 4:39
III. The Cold of Casemates 2:51
IV. The Scene Obscene 3:55
V. Sinfonia of Vice (Interlude) 1:25
VI. Stigma Infernoir 3:28
VII. The Infinity of Temptation 2:34
VIII. Mother Storm 3:37
IX. Excommunication 4:21
X. Lunar Choir 5:03
XI. Labyrinth of Shadows (Instrumental) 4:52
Total time: 40:13

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