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Raven Throne release new album on 18/09/2020

by Natas Dog

Raven Throne is an atmospheric black metal act formed in the faint year of 2004, whose roots lay in the northern part of Belarus.

Over time, through search and discovery, achievements and losses, Raven Throne continues the search for unseen paths to the mysteries of non-being. Inspired by the beauty of the eternal winter as before, the endless descent into the Abyss continues.

The new album builds upon the classic black metal sound of Raven Throne, combining new soundscapes full of mystical sensations and a ritualist atmosphere. The poetry within the album is shrouded in mystery and symbolism, often resembling mantras or spells.This album, like all others before it, is conceptual and forever inspired by the endless Raven Winter.

The band did several tours in Europe and played with Rotting Christ, Forgotten Tomb among others and the band will be on the road in 2021 with gigs / festivals in Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, etc


1. Zaklaćcie (Spell) 

2. Viartańnie (The Return)
3. Uładar Ściužy (the Lord of the Frost)
4. Niabačnyja Nici Zimy (Winter Invisible Threads)
5. Miortvaja Spadčyna (the Dead Legacy)
6. Spyni serca Vosieni (Stop the Autumn’s Heart)

7. U dałoniach zimy (In the Palms of Winter)

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