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Ralph Santolla dead at 48!

by Ivona Bogner

Ralph Santolla, Italian-American metal guitarist who played in many bands, most recently Deicide, but also Obituary, Eyewitness, Death, Millenium, Iced Earth, and the Sebastian Bach band, died at 48 on June 6th, 2018.

Ralph’s mother, Sue Santolla-Rocha, on 31 May, 2018, posted on her Facebook account:

Friend and family… It is out there now so let me tell you what I know. Ralph thought he had a spider bite on Saturday. Went to the hospital. It was not a spider bite, it was a blood clot. Tuesday nite he fell and he had a heart attack. John Rocha gave him CPR until EMT arrive. His heart had stopped but they got him back. His visuals are staple but he is in a coma. He is on a ventilator but he is breathing around it he could breathe on his own but they do not want to had additional strain to his body. He is in a coma. That is the main concern at this moment. They can fix everything else. We are having as many of his friends as he can come and talk to him and play music. There has been a minimal movement but some. It is ICU but he is in a private room and they are letting anyone in and they can stay as long as they want. So please pray as he has people all over the world praying and if you can come and spend time with him. Please..he needs to get back from the place that he is in. I love you all…let’s just work on getting him out of the coma if we can. I will keep everyone update the best I can st Joseph hospital. Van dyke rd Tampa.

On 2 June, 2018, she added:

My dear family and wonderful loving friends of Ralph Santolla… Outlook is very poor. We have been so blessed by so many people to have come to see him, over100 a day. The hospital has been so great about letting people come in. Any of you are welcome to come between 8am and 8pm. If you come after 8pm you must come thru ER. Bill Hudson II is playIng Ralph guitar in a concert tonight. I have my boys, Pierre Conze,Devin Grubb, Bill Hudson, Rick Maccani, Raul Andes have been with me every step of this difficult journey..I can not do this without them. God bless you all and Ralph-may he make his face shine upon us all and give us peace, now and forever, Ralph’ son Dorian, Melissa Collas DeMarco, John DeMarco, Ralph’sister, SueSue Graham, John Rocha all are thanking you also for your caring. Deborah Borecki we love you.

On early morning, 6 June, 2018, Sue Santolla-Rochaposted:

Good morning. Just so we all start to heal, Ralph Santolla is not laying on that bed at St Joseph Hospital. He has gone, and he is happy and at peace in heaven. I want to start your day with a little humor. My wonderful mother and Ralph grandmother passed away three years ago. One of my friends was trying to console me, Fred Parker, and had the comment that Ralph would be playing music for his Nannie… It just made me laugh to visualize Ralph playing heavy metal for his Nannie. OMG… It would be so funny… His Nannie was an amazingly strong woman and she would tell him, cut it down, and play something decent. I love my son more than anyone can imagine, my heart is broken… But I know he loved me unconditionally and will always be with me. It is the same with all of us, he will be with you everyone, everyday and his love will surround us now and forever.i wanted to tell everyone that I have thousands of messages… I just can’t deal with it right now but I love each of you.

Ralph Santolla was an organ donor so he will live on.

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