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R.A.I.D Release Second Single

by Natas Dog

R.A.I.D from India play a mixture of hardcore and thrash metal. They used the time of the pandemic to record their third album “Defiance”. They took a whole year to do this. The result is probably their most personal album to date, and every band member has a very special bond with it. Lyrically, the album is mainly about living a self-determined life and not subordinating oneself to society, which restricts one with its prejudices.

The band about the single: It’s the hardest /heaviest song on the album. It is based lyrically on the saying: ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The song refers in particular to this saying in the context of the decay of religion. For centuries, religion has always been interwoven with every political agenda. Nowadays people see religion as a business, they destroy every form of faith between man and God.

1. Defiance
2. Shattered Beliefs
3. Alpha
4. True Wisdom
5. I Against I
6. Fearless
7. From the Ashes
Rueban Issac – Vocals
Bobbin Jaydev – Drums
Sam Jaba – Bass
Abishek Allapanda – Guitars

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