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Postmodern Jukebox returns to Croatia!

by Natas Dog
Postmodern Jukebox

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox will not bypass Croatia. They will return to Zagreb on the 5th of December at Boogaloo club as part of their Welcome To The Twenties 2.0 Tour!

Postmodern Jukebox, in whoose work different music eras intertwine, wants to prepare the world for the new decade with their Welcome To The Twenties 2.0 Tour. The founder of Postmodern Jukebox, Scott Bradlee, hopes that the upcoming decade will bring back style and creative skill to music, as past generations typified it.

Bradlee says:

Last time around the Twenties gave us Jazz, America’s one true art form. Who knows what is possible in the 2020s? One thing that is for sure is that there are a lot of folks that are tired of the clickbait headlines, mindless reality TV, and smartphone addiction that has only served to divide people in the last decade. We’re using our small corner of the pop culture space to tell people to forget their troubles and come join us for a night of celebrating true musical talent and timeless style – live and in real life.

When creating a touring version of the Postmodern Jukebox concept, we work on pairing the right talent with the right material and building a unique and amazing experience for Postmodern Jukebox fans. Get ready for the most sensational ’20s party this side of The Great Gatsby.

Started by Scott Bradlee in 2009, Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) has gone on to amass over one billion YouTube views with 3.5 million subscribers and have chalked up more than 1.7 million fans on Facebook. For the past half-decade, PMJ has toured the world, playing hundreds of shows to sold-out houses on six continents. They’ve also performed on shows like “Good Morning America”, topped iTunes and Billboard charts, and caught the attention of NPR Music, NBC News and a wide array of celebrity fans.

To get ready for the most sensitive party of the twenties on this side of the Great Gatsby, make sure to check Postmodern Jukebox live in Concert below!

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