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Post-doom band Un conjure a long and stunning new song!

by Mislav Mihaljević

Introspection and funeral doom is a natural creative pairing and with the premiere of Un‘s latest track “Sentiment” from their upcoming sophomore album of the same name, the band continues to display a natural aptitude for combining the two to create enormous-sounding, meaningful music.

Singer and guitarist Monte McCleery explains the song’s lyrical inspiration comes from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote “What have we in common with the rosebud, which trembles because a drop of dew is lying upon it?”

McCleery says:

This phrase seems to highlight the very delicate, poetic nature of human existence and ultimately inspired the aesthetic for the entire album. The song also pays homage to a few of my other favorite poets, such as Ashton Clark Smith and Edgar Allan Poe, who I suspect also struggled with finding their place within this very conflicted world.

Poetic and heart-wrenching, the track meanders at a painstaking pace while McCleery growls such pensive sentiments as “And what of the moon/ which beckons ebon tides/To stir stone hearts / In lonely waves of gray?” More romantic literature than bone-headed heavy metal, the track invites listeners to pause and reflect while washed over with colossal tones.

Un’s Sentiment is out September 28 th via Translation Loss Records. Pre-order the album on the label’s official site, and keep up with the band on Facebook for future announcements and live dates.

Listen to the 12-minute tearjerker below.

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