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Pokolgép performs in Novi Bečej!

by Ivona Bogner

Hungarian Heavy Metal legends are performing in Novi Bečej, Serbia, within manifestation that follows Feast of the Dormition.

Pokolgép was formed around 1982, in Budapest. Their name is written in Heavy Metal history as a very first Hungarian Heavy Metal band besides Moby Dick. The original band name was Kommandó. Regarding ploitical situation in Hungary, Pokolgép had been playing semi-illegal concerts. Despite  government’s negative attitude towards band, they made great success.

The first album totally unexpected, was released in 1986, for Hungaroton, the only record company in Hungary for about 4o years. Their debut “Totális Metal” was released as a first metal album in Hungary. The album was released originally on vinyl and cassette, but in 2003, Hungaroton re-released on CD with bonuses.

Pokolgép were lucky enough to play as support band with Metallica and Motorhead at the end of 80’s. 

The next album, “Pokoli színjáték”, was released in 1987. 

During the 1988/89, band was touring in Europe. They played in the two German states, the Netherlands and Belgium, and released their third album in “Éjszakai bevetés” in 1989. At the end of 1989, they recorded concert in Petőfi Hall, and then released it as the fifth album in 1990 with the title “Koncertlemez”. Before releasing the concert audio footage, they made their fourth album, “Metál az ész”.

Over the years, Pokolgép released following albums: “Adj új erőt” (1991), “Vedd el, ami jár” (1992), “Az utolsó merénylet” (1992), A gép (1996), “Csakazértis” (2000), “Ancient Fever/Csakazértis – English version” (2001), “Live”(2001), “Te sem vagy más” (2002),  “Momentum/Végtelen úton/re-recorded ballads” (2002), “A túlélő” (2004), “Oblatio” (2006), “Pokoli mesék” (2007) and “Újratöltve-Live” (2010). 

Despite the fact they write lyrics in Hungarian, Pokolgép is well known all over Europe and highly respected within metal community. Swedish legends HammerFall translated and covered their song “Hol Vand A Szó”. In English version, the cover song “Send Me a Sign” was released on HammerFall’s album “Infected” (2011). The two bands performed the together, in Hungarian and English at the unique concert that took place on June 3, 2011, at the Csillebérc Leisure Center, on the three-day Metalfest Open Air.

Pokolgép is very popular in Serbia, specially in Vojvodina, so the crowd is expected. Free entrance!

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