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PITCH BLACK PROCESS Release New Single & Video For ‘Buselik Makamına’!

by Metal Jacket

Turkish metallers PITCH BLACK PROCESS, formerly known as Affliction, have released the second single from their “SIR” EP, which is a cover of “Buselik Makamına”, available now on all digital platforms!

It is one of the most renowned and classical songs of MFÖ, who is one of the best-loved, iconic and oldest bands from Turkey. The “SIR” EP was produced and recorded by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Studios-Sweden, and it will be released via Rakun Müzik. The video clip of “Buselik Makamına” is directed by well-known Turkish director Ender Mıhlar, who also directed the video clip of “Zahid Bizi Tan Eyleme”. Two successful and beloved actors Celil Nalçakan and Sitare Akbaş, are also featured in the video.

Here’s what the band states about the new single:

“Hello everyone, First of all, although we thought about postponing the release of our new song due to the disastrous incident in which we also have friends and acquaintances who lost their lives and homes, that happened 10 days ago; we decided to go ahead as planned, for the reason that art is the product of the human being’s strivings of making sense of life and existing.

However hard it is to prepare this announcement which we’ve thought to make to give information before the release of our new song on Wednesday; we would like to say a few things about the song and the EP, which includes that song, that we put a lot of effort into, the publication process of which is an “adventure” in itself and which is very precious to us, because of this process and effort.

The song you’re about to listen to is one of three songs waiting for more than five years to meet you which we wanted to put on the “Derin” album, but couldn’t. Since we think that these three songs deserve to be shared with you, we’ve added “Zahid Bizi Tan Eyleme” alongside these three songs and returned to Sweden to record the “SIR” EP.

We already released “Zahid Bizi Tan Eyleme” from “SIR” as a single in March 2019. However, after that, since the conditions we expected were not met, we didn’t deliver the rest of the EP to you.

In addition to this situation, it took us a very long while to solve the puzzle that emerged later in the story, which will definitely be told in the future, of the song that we prepared the video for in May 2019. The adventure, which lasted almost 2.5 years in total, finally resulted in a happy ending last month.

There are some names who have had an impact with their contribution and effort to get to where we are now and we should thank:

-First of these is our new “partner in crime” Rakun Müzik. The fact that our warm relationship with the founders of Rakun Müzik has evolved into a partnership lately increases our happiness at this stage.
-Dear Celil Nalçakan and Sitare Akbaş, who put their energies and efforts into the video by throwing in outstanding performances;
-Our director, Ender Mıhlar who once again created miracles and adopted this work as his own after “Zahid Bizi Tan Eyleme” video in the new video you’ll be watching;
-Likewise, Berkan Aşkın who has done an excellent job in cutting and editing in both videos;
-Graphic, animation, video, photo acrobat Mehmet Torni, who has always come to our aid whenever we ran into trouble;
We send our thanks and love to you all!
-However, there are two names that we should thank specifically for this song; the “story” couldn’t have begun without one of them, and the “puzzle” couldn’t have been solved without the other: Huge love and thanks to Ateş İlyas Başsoy and Ahmet San!
-Lastly, our dear pals, friends and followers, who turn every “new meeting” into a great excitement and enthusiasm; our biggest thanks is to you!!!”

Also watch “Zahid Bizi Tan Eyleme” (feat. Hayko Cepkin).

PITCH BLACK PROCESS (formerly AFFLICTION) was formed in 1999. Their first two albums “One Reality” (out in May 2003) and “Execution is Necessary” (released in July 2007) got very good response nationwide and also from abroad. In November 2009 they hit the road for their first European tour playing over 20 gigs (beeing the longest tour which any Turkish band had ever made abroad until then), followed up by the 18-shows European tour with WARBRINGER, in February 2010. Before the tour with Warbringer, PITCH BLACK PROCESS signed a sponsorship deal with one of the most well-known guitar companies in the world, PRS, which was another ‘debut’ for Turkey. None of any Turkish bands had signed a sponsorship agreement with such a big brand in music industry. The 3rd album “Hand of God?” was produced by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork, etc) at Dugout Studios, came out in June 2013. In September 2013, PITCH BLACK PROCESS played on main stage at the 82nd Izmir International Fair, being the first ever metal band to play on the fair’s history. In 2015, PITCH BLACK PROCESS became part of EVH and Fender. In November 2015 the band returned to Dugout Studios to record their 4th album, “Derin” which was released in December 2016, in Turkey on Atlantis Yapim/EMP Label Group and on Ellefson Music Productions/SPV in Europe. 

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