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PILA NAOPAKO SHOW / SUNDAY 21:00-22:00 / Human Like

by Metal Jacket

Listen Pila Naopako every Sunday at 9 pm (cest) at www.klfm.org  or  https://www.mixcloud.com/pila-naopako/stream/.

Pila Naopkao was established in 1994 and now it is a part of Metal Jacket community. Stay with us and spread the metal worldwide!

Psionic Madness – This Destiny to Die
On the Loose – Midnight
SUTURA – Sacramental Bleed
Carcass – Under The Scalpel Blade
There’s Only One Elvis – Human Like
Telma – Bipolar Distress
Artwork for the Blind -The First Supper
Phrenetix – Defunct
Aporium – I Know Nothing
BLOODRIDE – Inviting darkness
Eyes Wide Open – Brother
Benediction – Iterations of I
Damned To Downfall – Pharmaheaven
Amaranthe – PvP
Seas On The Moon -Bugs (feat Athena)

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