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by Vjeran

In Corona Corner, we are asking musicians how the outbreak has effected them, how did they adapt to the situation, what did they learn. Lebanese band PHENOMY shares his Corona experience with us today.

Hi! How are you doing during the corona outbreak?
We are doing well, at least making the best out of what we have. Touring and playing shows is a part of our DNA so it was really tough to go through it. But we are glad to go back and play shows live again. It feels good.

What have you canceled/postponed due to coronavirus?
We canceled a few festivals and shows in 2021 including shows in Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Lebanon.

How the global coronavirus pandemic is directly impacting bands?
Well, it was the time where youtubers and social media musicians dominated the music scene. We are live musicians, our music is meant to be played live on stage in front of a live audience.

How are you keeping your fans during this chaotic period?
We believe we’re in this together. We are fortunate enough to have such a beautiful family of fans and friends. They believe in us as much as we believe in our music. And they know that we are honest about what we do. We are glad that the Phenomy family keeps on growing bigger and bigger every year.

What will metal look like when we re-emerge from isolation?
Well we hope that it goes back to how it was before. Metal for us has always been a way to speak your mind and bring people together. People get connected behind their screens nowadays and it’s good but nothing beats a good live show where people are physically together enjoying live music.

Who will suffer the most after all: musicians, organizers, promoters
It’s a vicious cycle where everyone suffers from the lockdowns and restrictions including the fans as well. We are a touring band but we are still fans of the music so we know how it feels to not perform and to enjoy live music.

What is your isolation soundtrack?
We made a cover of the song Hurt during the quarantine. Because it felt real, the lyrics and the music felt just right. We were all passing through dark times, not only because of the lockdowns but because of the economic crisis in Lebanon that was really a setback for us and all lebanese citizens. It was one of the first reasons why we decided to move our assets to Europe.

Besides gigs, what/whom do you miss the most?
We miss going out and being careless. It’s not only about catching the virus, but contaminating others that is the worst part of it.

Do you have any rehearsals during quarantine? If yes, how do they look like?
Since quarantine started we all built our own home studios to keep on doing music. Rudy (Drummer) built a small rehearsal space in his garage where we can rehearse. It looks cool though, we like the idea of having our own space.

Thank you so much for your time. Stay safe!
Thanks for having us, all the best to you guys!

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